Dear Democrats: Regain Your Dignity, Join #NeverTrump With Your Own #NeverHillary Thumbnail

Being on a national #NeverTrump list, and sharing it with far more prominent Republicans than I am, has ensured that my emails and twitter mentions have stayed consistently busy over the last many weeks.  I’m used to my share of mail as I’ve never been a political wallflower, but being thrust on a larger platform [...]

Principles Betrayed: But New Conservative Leadership To Emerge From The Ashes Thumbnail

This has been the most grueling election of my life.  Granted, I’m not that old.  However, I can assure you that through the years of being in the political arena my convictions have been tested.  But, I’ve never been tested like I’m being tested now. I’ve never been more aware of how easy taking the [...]

Could Carly Be Trump’s Achilles’ Heel?

Could Carly Be Trump’s Achilles’ Heel? Thumbnail

In a scene stealing move this afternoon, Ted Cruz drained some of the wind from the Trump sails and his big wins last night by announcing Carly Fiorina as his VP sidekick. Carly is no stranger to bulldog politics.  Before this primary season, Carly was best known in political circles for taking on the unenviable [...]

5 Signs You May Be The Uninformed Electorate That Our Founders Warned Us About Thumbnail

We will go down in history as breeding a generation of idiots.  We already know that our public schools are largely a failure to our children.  History, when it's actually taught, has often been rewritten and has resulted in a whopping 38% of Americans who are unable to pass a simple citizen test. Our Founders [...]

No Trump, Post Abortion Women Need A Hand Of Grace- Not Punishment Thumbnail

I ended the day yesterday just throwing my hands in the air and wondering if there will be anything left worth salvaging from this party's platform once Donald Trump gets done using it as his personal experiment.  I've vacillated between anger and frustration this season and walked away last night with a broken heart at [...]

Hey Trump Supporters, An ‘Almost Win’ Doesn’t Keep You From A Contested Convention Thumbnail

Elitists never think rules apply to them.  The man born with a silver spoon in his mouth is now swimming in an unfamiliar pond, full of fish not beholden to his every whim and demand.  And he’s not exactly sure how to handle it outside of vague and threatening warnings to the country. Despite the [...]

Talk Radio And Trump: The Duo Responsible For Destruction of Conservatism Thumbnail

I have made it no secret on how I feel that Talk Radio has partnered with Donald Trump and betrayed the conservative movement and how the "bastions of conservative truth tellers" have exchanged their principles for ratings.  While I'm a frequent talk radio guest and appreciate many of the finer things that they have done [...]

CINO: Christians In Name Only -Abandoning Biblical Principles To Vote Trump Thumbnail

I am well aware of the backlash that I’m about to receive over this piece.  And it will be accompanied by a flood of quoted-out of context Bible verses that people have used for millenniums in an effort to excuse bad behavior from consequence or scrutiny.  So, if your fingers were poised and ready to [...]

Rubio Slayed The Trump Dragon And It Was Glorious!

Rubio Slayed The Trump Dragon And It Was Glorious! Thumbnail

Rubio, a man on fire and with absolutely nothing to lose finally, singlehandedly, delivered us the debate we've all been waiting for. For months, Trump has sailed through this campaign while spending hours with the biggest heads in conservative media; Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and practically turning a side gig as Sean Hannity’s new co- [...]

Ann Coulter: The New Leader of Every Racist Gutterbug in America

Ann Coulter: The New Leader of Every Racist Gutterbug in America Thumbnail

Even after years of being involved in different levels and perspectives of politics, I remember starting out this political season just a mere few months ago on a naive footing.  Throughout my adult life and looking back through the lens of history, I believed wholeheartedly that there would never be a Republican candidate that I [...]

Trump: Debate Revealed A Man Unhinged By Pressures Of Winning At All Costs Thumbnail

In a time where Republicans have become weary of debates, we are entering a season where they are more important than they’ve ever been.  It’s crunch time.  Voters are ready to pull the levers and many are solidifying last minute decisions.  Candidates have refined their messages and honed in on their talking points.  And now, [...]

Feminists Icons Insult Liberal Women For Daring To Vote Outside Their Lady Parts Thumbnail

Usually the feminazi’s keep their general focus towards keeping their followers feeling victimized, their men battered, and conservative women demonized.  But this week, I think liberal women were shocked to be targeted by their own leaders of Female Group Think—their icons, Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright, both of whom came out rebuking liberal women for [...]

Shattered Trust: ‘Leaders’ And Their Mea-Culpa’s On Trump- Too Little, Too Late! Thumbnail

To my revulsion, I've seen much backpedaling in my social media timeline this week from talking heads and conservative leaders who spent the last many months lauding, applauding, defending and shilling for this Trojan Horse in our party, Donald Trump.  They've used their pulpits, whether on the air or through online media, to extol the [...]

The Ultimate Christmas Challenge: A Life Changing Experience

The Ultimate Christmas Challenge: A Life Changing Experience Thumbnail

Note: I wrote this piece a couple of years ago but after hearing so much positive feedback, I feel it's time to bring it out again for this Christmas. Thanksgiving is over and many of us have thrown ourselves headlong into Christmas.  You've already braved the crowds, set up the tinsel and tree, the lights [...]

Misguided Compassion: The Fight For $15 Minimum Wage

Misguided Compassion: The Fight For $15 Minimum Wage Thumbnail

While it may be true that many (perhaps most) of those who are involved in the "Fight for $15" hope to personally benefit from such a wage hike, there are also many others who support the cause out of sympathy and compassion. Accusing them of greed or laziness is therefore inaccurate and harmful to the [...]

Finding Joy In The Sorrow: My Sweet Mama and Alzheimer’s

Finding Joy In The Sorrow: My Sweet Mama and Alzheimer’s Thumbnail

Note: Friends, this is a deeply personal post.  I understand that this is different than what I would normally share on Liberty Juice but I've felt compelled to write this for awhile.  This is for my mom. It's in the middle of the night, my house is quiet, my family is sleeping and as inevitably [...]

Letter To GOP Leadership: Put Out The Fire and Lead!

Letter To GOP Leadership: Put Out The Fire and Lead! Thumbnail

Monday I posted to Facebook a piece entitled Dear 'Real Conservatives, Let's Have a Talk from the Collision Blog. It was a genius (yes, with a clearly frustrated tone) piece that well articulated some of the asininity happening within our party and mainly a reaction to the House Freedom Caucus for waging a war without [...]

Amazing Grace: Helping Women Through Post-Abortion Guilt And Anguish Thumbnail

Abortion is a terribly controversial topic.  Bring it up in a crowded room like social media and be prepared to have the rabid Planned Parenthood supporters attack you in the most vicious and profane way, most of which have bio's reflecting self descriptions like "Atheist, dog lover, HIV tester, condom dispenser, fetus destroying, tree hugger."  [...]

7th Planned Parenthood Video Shock: Caught Harvesting An ALIVE Baby Thumbnail

My heart is broken for my country.  As these videos grow worse, I watch our interest wane and move on.  They stop trending on social media and the outrage fades as we turn our attention to other things in our lives.  We easily grow desensitized to the horror. I always wondered how the German people [...]

Third SHOCK Video: Planned Parenthood Discusses Maximizing Profits From Baby Parts Thumbnail

WARNING:  Graphic Content  This may be one of the most damaging and shocking videos released regarding the dark secrets behind Planned Parenthood.  And it comes once again in the midst of Planned Parenthood's President, Cecile Richards, going on a media blitz insisting that Planned Parenthood has done nothing illegal and profits nothing from these abortions.  [...]

BREAKING! Second Undercover Planned Parenthood Video Exposes ANOTHER Doctor Selling Baby Parts Thumbnail

In one of the most historically appalling days for America last week, a lengthy two-hour undercover video exposed the head doctor at Planned Parenthood, Dr. Nucatola, casually swilling her wine and discussing the illegal sale of butchered baby body parts.   Most people familiar with Planned Parenthood and their ilk suspected this was just the tip [...]

Political Sales: 4 Ways To Pitch Your Candidate And Influence Voters Thumbnail

The GOP presidential primary season is a little ridiculous right now, what with eleventy Republicans in the race already.  It gets so hard to keep track of everyone running that sometimes I find myself wishing that the primary was already decided and we could move on to the general election.  With my favorite candidate as [...]

Political Tantrums: Whiny Conservatives Who Vow To Throw Their Vote Away Thumbnail

"Hmpph! If my candidate doesn't win then I'm NOT VOTING!"  When you are driven by 110% emotion and anger, who needs an ounce of logic and a second of research?  Pragmatism is so overrated to those who are driven by their passions instead of a reasonable thought process.  Such has been my recent experience with [...]

Huckabee and Santorum: Liberals Hiding Behind Skirts of Social Conservatism Thumbnail

Scrolling through my social media news feeds often makes me want to bang my head against my computer screen.  I don't know what's more painful...a group of people actually thinking Huckabee and Santorum are viable candidates, or so many well intentioned people full of passionate opinions but shockingly unwilling to even do a little research [...]

Lazy, Critical Christians: Too ‘Spiritual’ To Fight The Good Fight Thumbnail

I've recently noticed a circular trend among Christians to haughtily chastise those of us in the bloody political trenches as perhaps not having enough "spiritual" focus.  Ironically, I've noticed that those same politically apathetic people aren't exactly burning up their own cities and streets for Jesus. Admittedly, I'm a girl of deep passion and conviction.  [...]

Losing Elections: 5 Ways NOT To Behave During A Republican Primary Thumbnail

Tis' the season...the silly season...otherwise known as a Republican primary.  It's the time every few years where Republicans who generally get along with each other suddenly lose their minds.  Friends who have always been congenial face off through social media and the ugly comes out.  Everyone seems to pick their candidate early and rally around [...]

Cornell Dean Caught On Undercover Video Welcoming ISIS Guests

Cornell Dean Caught On Undercover Video Welcoming ISIS Guests Thumbnail

Folks, this will make you weep for America.  These are the elitist "thinkers" educating America's young people.  Thanks to James O'Keefe and his undercover videos we are able to shine a spotlight on today's American Idiot, Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido. A video sting operation shows Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, [...]