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Conspiracy theory:  1) a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group.

There are many conspiracy theories out there.  The Masonic Order, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11 being an inside job are just a few.  By its definition, a conspiracy theory is an idea or belief left unexplained.  However, if it could be explained, based on hard, undeniable evidence, it would not be a conspiracy theory.  Then, it would be the truth.  That is exactly what Glenn Beck is attempting to do with what could be the biggest scam in the history of the world, which all centers around Cap and Trade (read “Cap and Tax is Back!” to catch up, or watch Glenn Beck explain it here).  At the very least, what Glenn has exposed on his Fox News program is concerning.  However, if he is right, he has just shed light on what amounts to a massive money laundering scheme he calls Crime Inc.

Before I get into this, it is important to understand what a progressive is.  A progressive is a politically ideological liberal that pushes for progress towards social justice, by redistribution of wealth, through public policies of a strong central government.  Progressivism has the same ultimate goals as radical left revolutionaries that call for changes through violence.  Yet, instead of violence, progressives prefer to use any means necessary through government and public policy to progressively move the country towards socialism and ultimately communism.  Glenn Beck explains this more in depth in his CPAC speech, which, although long, is well worth your time to watch.

Last week, Glenn Beck drew out on his infamous blackboard how radical progressive leaders and organizers, who through organizations and companies make one big progressive mob ring, with direct links to President Obama and the White House.

First, let’s look at who the major players are in Crime Inc., but please do not get lost in the details:

–          Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)

  • Founded by Richard Sandor
  • Voluntary Cap and Trade exchange for carbon credits (puffs of air)
  • Estimated $10 trillion annual market by Richard Sandor
  • Recently purchased for over $600 million by ICE, who manages global market exchanges

–          The Joyce Foundation (TJF)

  • An environmental activist organization
  • Funded by Apollo Alliance and the Tides Foundation (liberal billionaire George Soros)
  • Barak Obama, Board member 1994-2002
  • Valerie Jarrett, former Director, current Senior White House adviser
  • Gave $1.1 Million in grants to the CCX

–          Apollo Alliance

–          Generation Investment Management (GIM)

  • London based
  • Founded by Al Gore and former Goldman Sachs executives David Blood, Mark Ferguson, and Peter Harris
  • 5th largest stakeholder in CCX

–          Franklin Raines

  • Former CEO of Fannie Mae
  • Investigated by SEC for vast accounting fraud
  • Used Fannie Mae (taxpayer money) to purchase technology for climate exchange market from CO2E, which was patented the day after Obama won the election
  • Walked away from Fannie Mae with $90 million in payments
  • After being forced out of Fannie Mae, moved to board of ECP

–          Goldman Sachs

  • Invests a 10% stake in CCX after Fannie Mae receives patent

–          Enterprise Community Partners (ECP)

  • “A start-up, national coalition of diverse groups that includes unions, labor groups, community organizations, social justice advocates, development intermediaries, research and technical assistance providers, socially responsible businesses, and elected officials.”
  • Central hub of progressive organizations
  • Board members include: Gerry Hudson (SEIU), Jack Hayn and Art Lujan (ALF-CIO), and Joel Rogers

Yes, I know that was a lot to swallow and there is much more to this crazy list of progressive organizations, but I cannot list them all now.  Let’s now look at how these organizations are all connected:

Crime Inc. Flow Chart (courtsey of mydailysoapbox)

In short, you have The Joyce Foundation (Obama, Jarrett) , GIM (Al Gore, Goldman Sachs executives), and Goldman Sachs giving money to fund the CCX.  Then Franklin Raines with his patent on carbon trading technology and millions he siphoned through Fannie Mae, uses Enterprise Community Partners to funnel money from TJF to the ECC.  The ECC, whose goal is  the “rapidly greening of American’s cities” has Joel Rogers as a board member, who is connected to Barak Obama and the White House.

What does Joel Rogers have to do with all of this?  Well, Joel Rogers may very well be the ‘Wizard’ behind the entire modern progressive movement.   He is the Director of the Center of Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) Director, a progressive think tank.  He founded the New Party (a Marxist coalition that endorsed Barak Obama in 1996, since reorganized under the Working Families Party, a front for ACORN) and the Apollo Alliance.  He has been claimed to be responsible for every policy decision in the White House.  Watch what Van Jones (self-proclaimed communist, former Green Czar for Obama), Barak Obama, and even Joel Rogers himself have to say:

Is that all confusing?  Absolutely.  It’s supposed to be – so you and the media do not ask questions.

This may all be just some wild assumption based on a few connections between people in high places.  Perhaps none of this is true.  But what if it is?  The undeniable evidence linking this group of radical progressives is at the very least concerning.

It seems quite obvious that progressive elites are building something big.  These organizations are not flowing hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars around just to give themselves something to do.  This is a very well structured foundation – for something.

Right now, carbon exchange is only voluntary, but with the foundation in place, a law requiring carbon exchange is the only thing left needed to complete what looks like to be the master plan of Crime Inc.  The law needed is called Cap and Trade.  It has already passed the House and is now waiting on the Senate.  If passed, it will no doubt fundamentally change our economy and our country, and even worse, it will give the progressive elites power and control over the entire economy beyond our imagination.

I hope Glenn Beck is wrong on this, but after doing just a little research it is easy to see he is on to something.  Will someone in the media please pick this up and do the in-depth research needed to untangle this mess so we can know the truth?

If you would like to watch Glenn Beck’s explanation of all this, watch below:

  • Arthur Curtis

    Who's Really Behind Crime Inc. ~ the Hidden Agenda of Glenn Beck

  • msbetz

    Peaceful Revolution is doing nothing to stop the maniac billionaire criminals in charge of the world. Not even enough to stop just one man pretending to be the president. Congress knows Obama is an illegal immigrant, usurping the office and evidently are being paid well to shut up. All the czars will handle their jobs for them and be accountable to no one but Obama. Peaceful demonstrations are Very Weak to the giants of finance, only force will quiet their desires. America's enemy's are at every post.

  • msbetz

    Is exposure of the criminals enough to stop them and save the world from their destruction?


    Glen Beck is a dumb s***. But, his cupcake cap and trade analogy is hilarious.

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  • sharethisurlaboutglenbek

    I contacted Joel Rogers and got his response. See it at If you can stand seeing it, read it and weep.

  • Thatpissedoffguy!

    I just THANK GOD (!!!) for GLENN BECK !! Yes, it can be taxing to listen to him everyday, b/c it seems we are in such a WORLD OF $***, that it may be too late to stop this or recover.BUT (!!) Always remember this : in terms of numbers, we are by far many MORE than they will ever be. The EXPOSURE is the key for now. Keep the heat on them 24/7 !! IF the country has to go into a economic / tax revolt , then so be it !! May be painful for awhile, but well worth the outcome.

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  • Andy
    • Chris Bounds


      • Dan

        I am from Canada I think you guys are asleep down there and we are dead up here

        • ChrisBoundsTX


          You are partially correct. I spoke with a Cuban immigrant a couple months back and he asked me why Americans cannot see what is going on here. I think its because we have never experienced tyranny before, like some immigrations have – and our Founding Fathers did.

          I really do believe that Americans are waking up though. I just pray it's not too late.

  • Andy