Stupid, Arrogant, Ignorant? This Ad Nails It!

by Brittany Pounders on May 28, 2010

In one of the most chilling and gripping video ads I’ve seen in a long time, this clip by the NRSC sure puts the problems with this administration in sharp focus.  The video opens with Obama, in a critically harsh speech tearing Bush apart for Katrina, and vowing “Never again!”  It progresses quickly with glimpses into how this inept and corrupt administration has handled each catastrophe and disaster it’s been handed.  Obama and his cohorts in charge of these top administrative offices, ignore the problems as if it weren’t theirs, choosing instead to take vacations, play golf and pursue campaign fundraisers. 

It’s one incredible ad, will send chills of righteous indignation down your spine,  and would make any decent and rational person stop and consider this government we’ve put in charge of our country.  I never thought I would agree so heartily with Chris Matthews and James Carville!

It’s gross incompetence.

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