80 Miles of AZ Border Closed Over Violence

About 3500 acres in southern Arizona, including 80 miles along the Mexican border, is being closed off due to escalating border violence.

The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge has been dramatically affected by a surge in drug trafficking, human smuggling and other illegal activities in the area which is putting Americans at risk.  Mitch Ellis, the refuge manager said, “The situation in this zone has reached a point where continued public use of the area is not prudent.”

U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials have issued warnings to residents and visitors to watch out lookout for heavily armed drug and human smuggling.  Paul Babeu, Sherriff of Pinal County is outraged at the lack of action by the federal government:

We need support from the federal government. It’s their job to secure the border and they haven’t done it.   In fact, President Obama suspended the construction of the fence and it’s just simply outrageous.

This should outrage every single American.  United States citizens are literally being put in harms way because the federal government refuses to do its Constitutional job of securing our borders.  It boggles my mind how someone can look at this situation and still whine when Arizona is forced to enforce the federal laws itself.  Despicable!