The Single Threat to America

How would you answer the question, “If you had to identify a single threat to the future of our country above all others, what would it be?”

In a forum at the University of Denver, radio personality Dennis Prager has an incredible answer to that question.

  • iokepa

    My answer: The ignorance of the American people. Sure, we have lost sight to some degree of what America stands for, but the overall picture remains the same. Over time our country has faced many issues that have given the government an opportunity to take away our freedoms one at a time in the name of 'national security' or 'protecting us from ourselves'. As the situation worsens, We listen so carefully to what the next contestant has to say, hanging on every word as if they were Christ himself; as if they could fix the problem for us. When the time comes, it turns out that this may be the anti-Christ instead. Our system is built on fear and ignorance. The few who plea for the nation to wake up are called terrorists, a threat to our national security. The original government was set up so that the American people would have to question all that the elected contestants did. Now, you can go to prison for speaking out against this terroristic regime. Ignorance has kept these tyrants in control, and until we shed this ignorance and remember why it is we are here in the first place (to get away from a tyrannical government), then we can begin re-building the confidence that is the United States of America. Until then, it seems, ignorance and the media will continue to play the trump card all the way to the bank: fear.