Crime Inc: The George Soros Story

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Last month I went into extended detail about the story called Crime Inc.  Exposed by Glenn Beck, Crime Inc. is a web of liberal and progressive organizations that leave a trail all the way to the White House and President Obama.  Cap and Trade is the flag all of the players rally in Crime Inc. rally around.  Mr. Beck added another twist to the story, as if it was not spooky enough already.  Only now the central theme is George Soros.

First let me lay out who the major players are, but please do not get lost in the details:

–          George Soros:  Billionaire hedge-fund investor that funds left-wing organizations including the Apollo Alliance, Media Matters, and the Center for American Progress.  Soros has called for the nationalizing the financial system in America and a New World Order.  Invested about $900 million in Petrobras, one his fund’s top investments.

–          The Center for American Progress (CAP):  Funded by George Soros, the CAP is a far left progressive organization that supports “government that champions the common good over narrow self-interest.”  Bloomberg has reported that the CAP helps shape the Obama Administration’s agenda.  About the CAP, Time Magazine has claims that “Not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan’s transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway.”

–          John Podesta:  The founder of the CAP and advisor to both President Clinton and President Obama.  He served as Obama’s co-chair on transition team, helping select Obama’s advisors and shape his agenda.

–          Petrobras:   Brazil’s multi-billion dollar state-run oil company. Heavily invested in deepwater drilling, including a wells as deep as 7000 meters

–          British Petroleum (BP):  Responsible for the ongoing oil spill disaster in the gulf due to the failure of a deepwater rig drilling at 1500 meters

Those are the key players involved.  Let’s now look at how Glenn Beck explained they are all related.

George Soros invests in the Center for American Progress.  The CAP’s founder, John Podesta helps select President Obama’s advisors.  Soros’s hedge-fund invests millions in Petrobras, making it one of his fund’s top invesments.  John Podesta and the CAP assists in forming White House policy, including Cap and Trade.  The rig drilling at 1500 meters operated by BP explodes, prompting Obama to halt new deepwater drilling.  In Obama’s address regarding the moratorium, he pushes his green energy policy.   All the while Obama committed a $2 billion “preliminary investment” in Petrobras, who is seeking to drill deepwater oil wells significantly deeper than the BP well.   As luck would have it, Obama’s investment came just days after George Soro’s investment.

In summary, George Soros with his vast amounts of money has aggressively funded Petrobras and the CAP.  The CAP is shaping Obama’s policies, so it is reasonable to believe that Soros holds strong influence with Obama and his polices.  Obama commits $2 billion to Petrobras days after Soros’s investment, and then a year later bans Petrobra’s American competition from opening new deepwater wells.

Forget conspiracy theory for a moment.  Pretend all of this is a mere coincidence and there is absolutely no corrupt organized effort involved.  Even as a coincidence, who are the winners in this game?  Petrobras and its stakeholders like George Soros!  Who are the losers?  American businesses and thousands of workers who have been vastly harmed by President Obama’s rash deepwater oil moratorium!  Organized effort or not, does that sound like a good situation for America?

The Obama Administration seems to all but beg for crazy stories like Crime Inc.  To me it almost seems like Obama just does not care.  Perhaps as a student of the Marxist Sol Alinsky, Obama is taking his words in Rules for Radicals “the ends justify the means” very seriously.  I pray that is not the case.

Thankfully, U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman lifted Obama’s new deepwater moratorium, but the Obama Administration vows to appeal that decision.  Ken Salazar, Obama’s Interior Secretary is already working new moratorium.  Will the Obama Administration not be happy until all of the rigs are leased by foreign companies. crippling our oil industry and costing thousands of American jobs forever?  Is this not economic suicide?

Glenn Beck explains this side of Crime Inc. in his own words:

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    See all the CRIME INC episodes and news here:

  • CapedConservative

    Soros originally bought $800M of PBR in June of '08 at around $50/share. The stock tanked badly. It reached a low around $17/share after the crash. TARP was passed. Soros swapped his PBR for a preferred version that was behind of its dividend. Obama gave PBR $Billions just DAYS after that and they paid their dividends. $oros $oros $oros. This PBR/Obama criminal activity has been going on for a long time.


    • ChrisBoundsTX

      Do you think Soros meant that part of the system is broken as he called for nationalization? 😉

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