VA Hospital Infects 1800 Veterans With HIV?

VA hospitals are reknown for their lethargic and lazy approach to medicine.  Having had first hand experience with grandfathers and VA hospitals and the horrors that can be found within, I can tell you that it is a direct example of what we can expect with government controlled healthcare.

Having no profit-driven incentives or rewards to do the best job for your patients equals a “who cares attitude” among the staff, doing the least bit required for the patients day after day.

Nothing proves this more than an incident just reported in a Missouri VA hospital.  John Cochran has just emailed letters to 1,812 Veterans informing them that they may have contracted Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV from recent dental work they had done and a failure to clean the dental equipment properly.

“I can only imagine the horror and anger our veterans must be feeling after receiving this letter,” Carnahan said. “They have every right to be angry. So am I.”

This is not the first time this year a hospital has been in hot water for not following proper procedures.

In June, Palomar Hospital in San Diego, California, has sent certified letters to 3,400 patients who underwent colonoscopy and other similar procedures, informing the patients that there may be a potential of infection from items used and reused in the procedures.

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