The JournoList Goes On

The list of liberal propaganda lengthens as The Daily Caller releases more e-mails from the liberal community of journalists.

Following up on the Sarah Palin side of the story, there is now proof that liberals were in fact afraid of her effect in the 2008 Presidential race.  But the tone changed back quickly:

Michael Tomasky (Guardian): “People get a hold of yourselves!  It’s a very good speech with good lines. But there’s very little substance.”

Then the listers debated how to coordinate their attacks on Palin again:
Luke Mitchell (Harpers):  “Fair enough! But it seems to me that a concerted effort on the part of the left partisan press could be useful. Why geld ourselves? A lot of the people on this list work for organizations that are far more influential than, say, the Washington Times.“Open question: Would it be a good use of this list to co-ordinate a message of the week along the lines of the GOP? Or is that too loathsome? It certainly sounds loathsome. But so does losing!

Ezra Klein (Washington Post, founder of Journolist) “Nope, no message coordination. I’m not even sure that would be legal. This is a discussion list, though, and I want it to retain that character.”

Luke Mitchell: “Fair enough, Ezra! The list is great at as it is and I didn’t mean to suggest anything out of bounds. I am still curious about the reluctance of the left media to organize, though. The message discipline on the right seems to be one of its key advantages.”

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