Democrat Flips Out on House Floor (video)

Democrat Congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner got a little heated on the House floor yesterday.

The frequent critic of Glenn Beck and his Goldline sponsor and star of, Anthony Weiner cause a lot of commotion on the House floor during the debate over health care funding for 9/11 responders:

Weiner seemed to be directing his attention to another New York Congressman, Republican Peter King.  Here is their exchange later on yesterday on Fox News:

The bickering between the two is slightly entertaining, but Bill Hemmer’s comment about this being a big reason why Congress’s approval ratings are abysmal  is right on.

  • rosiegirl6069

    He just got married too… I hope his wife survives his crazy rants if she makes him mad… It's a know fact little men with big anger problems like to beat their wife…