Rasmussen: Voters Trust Republicans More On All Top 10 Issues

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on each of the top 10 issues according to a recent Rassmussen poll.

The trend has been favoring Republicans for months, but now voters trust Republicans more in each of the key issues. According to the poll, Republicans hold the most trust in taxes and national security.  Below is a breakdown from Rasmussen:

Issue Democrats Republicans
Education 40% 41%
Health Care 40% 48%
Iraq 40% 43%
Economy 39% 47%
Social Security 38% 44%
Government Ethics 38% 40%
National Security 37% 49%
Afghanistan 36% 43%
Taxes 36% 52%
Immigration 35% 44%

To read the full report from Rasmussen, click here.