A Natural Gas Powered Nation

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America as we know it is perhaps on the brink of ruin.  We are borrowing to pay for programs we cannot afford, printing money to pay for our ever increasing debt, devaluing the dollar and with that individual’s life savings, and have become a debtor nation.  Our manufacturing industry continues to die a slow painful death and unemployment is widespread.  No developing new industry can be seen that would employ a significant number of people.  We are paying an enormous financial and human price fighting terrorism, which is funded primarily by oil exporting nations who thrive off our dependence on their oil.  In essence, we are simultaneously funding and fighting terrorism at the same time.

Every dollar we send overseas to pay for oil imports is a dollar that is not reinvested here at home.  Furthermore, government spending programs to create jobs, stimulate the economy, bailout financial institutions, and protect our environment have failed. To continue on our current course is madness.  We must make fundamental changes now if we are to survive.

There is no single answer.  However, a solution that would address the aforementioned problems is looming.  That solution lies in our abundant supply of natural gas. America is blessed with an over-abundant supply of clean burning, efficient, readily available, inexpensive natural gas.  Transitioning from a foreign oil dependent nation to a natural gas powered nation is a solution.

For decades natural gas powered vehicles have operated here and many states and local municipalities use natural gas technology to power vehicles.  Power plants and home heating units across the U.S. have used natural gas for decades because natural gas is cleaner, cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than oil.  The process of converting to natural gas from oil could create abundant jobs throughout the nation as well, creating thousands of jobs.  Yet, unlike government funded and controlled programs that are ill managed and inefficient, these would be permanent, well paying jobs.  The moment we begin using more natural gas instead of foreign oil, funding to terrorists diminishes.  Furthermore, money spent on the production of this home grown resource would remain here at home, and would be reinvested into our economy.

A nationwide research and development of cars and trucks, service stations, home heating equipment, industrial facilities, etc. would create thousands of new, well paying jobs.  Oil used in the manufacture of petrochemicals and petroleum based products could be from domestic production.  Finally, tax incentives for natural gas consumers (including industry) would encourage natural gas use.  American financier and oil man Boone Pickens has been promoting the development of alternative energy sources such as wind power, coupled with a reduction in government restrictions and tax penalties imposed on domestic producers to encourage domestic drilling.  These actions too, would be a boon (no pun intended) to the effort of making America energy independent and economically strong.

Everyone wins under this scenario with the possible exception of the oil exporting nations and worldwide terrorism.  The environment wins with the production and burning of cleaner natural gas.  The economy wins with increased jobs as infrastructure evolves and reinvestment in cheaper American based energy takes place.  National security is a winner as less money is sent to terrorist friendly nations and we become less dependent on foreign oil.  Oil prices would be driven down as well as demand would decrease, so the entire oil consuming world would benefit.  Even the oil companies win, as they are the natural gas producers.  Finally, with lower energy costs consumers would have more money to invest back in to our economy.

These are not new thoughts.  Boone Pickens has been preaching this gospel for years warning that if we don’t change things soon our nation may never recover. A grass roots program to change our course must begin now, involving each and every citizen as well as our elected officials.  Congress and the White House need to show leadership in this movement. We need to return to a time when statesmanship overrides politics.  Our future and our children’s futures depends upon it.

** About the Author: Martin J. Wysocki, has a B.S. and M.S. in Geology from the State University of New York College at Fredonia.  For the past 30 years, he has been a petroleum geologist with exploration experience in Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, and the Shelf and Deep Water Gulf of Mexico.  He and his wife currently reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he is exploring for oil and gas in the deep waters of the South China Sea.  Mr. Wysocki is the former president of the Houston Chapter of the Churchill Society, dedicated to philanthropic endeavors and the study of WW2.

About The Author: I am a petroleum geologist with 30 years of experience working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I hold a B.S. and M.S. from the State University of New York.

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    Wow..I think much better if powered by hydro..

  • Billy Pierce

    Marianne has obviously fallen for yet another typical propaganda piece that assumes the third world is cleaner than modern society. What nonsense!!!

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  • Theodore

    As a continent, natural gas reservoirs are abundant and would benefit everybody that taps into its potential. However we have to confront reality. The trouble is terrorism is driven by a need to see the west fall to islamic conversion. as long as radical nations still remain, north america will remain in danger independent of the future of oil. we have to continue to use foreign oil but redirect where we obtain that oil and we can safely diminish its influence. it will never be okay to completely abandon foreign oil because not all nations are enemies of the Americas.it would be great if natural gas could solve many of our problems but first we need to bring all people up to the standard needed to see the blessings of cleaner living. we need to stop leaving the poor behind. get rid of homes that are older than 1947 and cars older than 1982 due to their indfficiency or spend the money to bring them up to standard as well as rid of inefficient appliances as we know they still get used.

    • Andy

      Tell that to some poor slob who's struggling to make ends meet, driving a 1981 car, not because it's a classic, but it's all he can afford. And where do you expect him to go if his house was built in 1945? Are you going to take his house away or make him buy new appliances when he's not certain where his next meal is coming from? By the way, these new appliances that were made to use less elecricity, SUCK. I have to repair many of them. Their parts are very expensive. Every thing we do has consequences. If we were to go all gas then watch the price go even higher than it is now. Unless they can find another line of work then your local oil companies go out of business. I realize it wont happen overnight but many local oil companies are being run by three generations of people who rely on oil for their livelyhood. If possible, a combination of American gas and American oil to wean us off of the Middle Eastern supply. I would like nothing better than to rid us of our dependance on them.

  • Marianne

    Mr. Wysocki has obviously not seen Gasland. What an eye opener that was. We should just have a moratorium on all drilling in the United States….

  • Lori Inglis

    Wonderful article and it all sounds so simple. I know natural gas drilling has greatly increased here in Pennsylvania over the last year. Hopefully we are making strides to move in the direction suggested by Mr. Wysocki.