Govt. Motors Political Donations

It’s like they are recycling wasted taxpayer bailout money.  Government Motors is back in the business of buying political support!

GM has shelled out over $90,000 to candidates during this election cycle.  You can probably guess who the biggest recipients are – Democrats!

The beneficiaries include Midwestern lawmakers, mostly Democrats, who have traditionally supported the industry’s legislative agenda on Capitol Hill, including Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.), Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) and Rep. John Dingell (D., Mich.).

GM is playing both sides of the isle though, perhaps just in case Republicans actually do take over in November because Virginia Congressmen Eric Cantor is also on the recipient list.

It is one thing for corporations such as GM to give handouts to candidates for their support, but I have a problem when the government spent billions of taxpayer dollars bailing out your failed business.  GM’s response to this was:

“As we’ve emerged as a new company, we’re not going to sit on the sidelines as our competitors and other industries who have PACs are participating in the political process,” Mr. Martin said. He called GM’s political action committee is “an effective means for our employees to pool their resources and have their collective voice heard.”

Mr. Martin added that the company has supported members of both parties who “approach issues thoughtfully” and “support a strong auto industry.”