Senate Dems to Donors: ‘The House is lost’

When the money gets tight, you have to make a few cut backs.  It appears Senators are urging donors to drop the House and save the Senate.

Competing for the same donors must be tough for the down-on-their-luck Democrats this election cycle.  Sacrifices have to be made and according to Politico, Senate campaigns are pressuring donors to forget about the House:

House and Senate Democrats are increasingly competing against one another over a small universe of deep-pocketed donors who could make a financial difference in the final stretch before the midterm elections.

In some cases, donors report that they are being urged to fund Senate campaigns at the expense of the House, where Democrats are in danger of losing their majority.

One House Democratic fundraiser said that some Senate operatives are telling big donors and union officials, “The House is lost; you have to save the Senate.”
House Democrats aren’t too thrilled about that move.  Many of them towed the Pelosi line, going along with her radical agenda despite constituent concerns.  They were told their support would pay off, the economy would recover strong, and they would be supported during their elections.  Now the chickens are coming home to roost and they seemingly are being tossed out like used rags.