Two MN Health Insurers Suspend Individual Policy Sales

It is almost like the Democrats didn’t know what they were talking about or worse, lied to you!

Two of Minnesota’s health insurers, HealthPartners and Blue Cross, Blue Shield temporarily suspended sales of individual health insurance policies due to uncertainty caused by the new law.  From Twin Cities:

Bloomington-based HealthPartners said it was temporarily suspending sales of individual health insurance policies because of uncertainty created by the new federal law. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota said it was taking similar steps.

But officials with the Medica and PreferredOne health plans said they still were selling policies in the individual market, where about 1 in 20 Minnesotans obtain health insurance coverage.

Congress passed health reform six months ago; as of Thursday, new health insurance policies had to comply with key provisions of the legislation. In Minnesota, that’s meant changes to health plan policies that regulators at the Minnesota Department of Commerce must approve before companies can sell them to new customers.

The state hasn’t signed off on some changes sought by HealthPartners, said Amy Von Walter, a company spokeswoman. “Due to continuing changes caused by health care reform, we temporarily have no long-term individual medical plans for sale,” the insurance company says in a notice on its website. “We are currently working with regulators to get affordable products approved to sell as quickly as possible.”

If this along with the continued rise in insurance premiums is a concern to you, keep in mind that most of the health care law hasn’t even taken effect yet.  If you are worried about the calamity that will occur when it is in full force, contact your local Democrat Congressman and ask him why this is happening.