GOP Senate Leader Would Be “Happy” To Work With Obama

If this is a sign of what we can expect in Congress for the next two years, Republicans will be in a world of hurt come the next election cycle.

Although it will be a long shot for Republicans to take control of the Senate, their hand will no doubt improve after November 2nd.  Depending on how Senate Democrats and President Obama take the change, greater efforts of cooperation will be required to get work done.  But the type of cooperation is what voters will be watching for.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell said in an interview that if Obama “pivots and wants to work with us, obviously I’d be happy to talk to him.”  According to Breitbart, McConnell specifically cited working with Obama to change unpopular parts of the health care law such as the 1099 provision that will drown businesses in paperwork.

I would like to remind McConnell of one thing voters have been absolutely firm on throughout this election cycle.  We do not want ObamaCare! McConnell, that means do not waste your time working with Obama on making changes to it – repeal the whole darn thing!

I am not opposed to working together in order to get things done, but lets take a look at the past two years and see how much working together was done with the Democrats.  Were the Republicans allowed in the meetings where backroom deals were going on?  No!  Were compromises given to Republicans in order to get their votes!  Maybe specific RINOs like Olympia Snowe and Spector (former RINO, now retiring Democrat), otherwise NO!  Democrats have used the past two years jamming their agenda down the throats of Americans without compromising on a single issue conservatives have had.

Senator McConnell, please heed my advice.  Any working together you do better be helping convince Democrats why it is necessary to repeal ObamaCare, drastically cut spending, defund the various bailouts, secure the border, and permanently extend the Bush tax cuts.  If after this soon-to-be landslide election the Republicans are about to have you decide its OK to be soft with your Democrat colleagues, when your re-eelction comes around in 2012 you will find yourself in early retirement like Robert Bennett.