Video: Megyn Kelly’s Heated Exchange Over Juan Williams Firing

A heated exchange with Megyn Kelly on Fox New’s America Live  is certainly not an odd thing to see.

Yesterday, Megyn invited Ibrahim Hooper on her show to discuss NPR’s firing of Juan Williams.  Hooper is the Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Director, the organization that called for “swift action” to be taken by NRP over the feelings Williams expressed.

The exchange starts off slow with Megyn pressing Hooper on the issue, specifically CAIR’s call for “swift action.”  Hooper was more in the mood to dance around the issue than go on record with solid answers to Megyn’s questions.

If you have ever watched Megyn give an interview before, you know that she will keep pressing the question until an answer is given. At one point during the exchange, Megyn asks Hooper if it does a service to the nation when Juan is fired for opening up dialog on a sensitive issue by expressing his personal feelings.  Hooper persisted on dodging the question, prompting Megyn to remind him how her show works:  “Let me explain how it works.  I’m the anchor, you’re the guest.”