Video: MoveOn.Org Ad Ties GOP Win To Apocalypse

I remember the days when it was the Democrats calling Republicans “fear mongers!”

Well they still do, but that doesn’t stop the George Soros progressive organization from creating this video in an effort to rally their liberal base.

See if you can make it through the whole video:

RepubliCorp?  Rebranding?  Destroyed the environment?  Sarah Palin declaring war against China, Norway, and the Pacific Ocean?  So who are the fear mongers really?

  • Angelo

    President Obama should have serveD in the US military first before becoming a senator and a president. Why?? This president has no balls at all!! Instead of finding ways on how to creat jobs and balance the budget, he already is fearful of what will happen to his presidency on 2012. My God, why he fears Sarah Palin too much??? Hahahahahaha! THIS IS THE KIND OF LEADER THAT AMERICANS HAD ELECTED LAST 2008. AMERICANS ARE REAL STUPID!! CHINA AND IRAN ARE LAUGHING!!! :)))))