Video: Another Crowd Overrides Moderator To Say Pledge

In a deja vu moment, a second crowd interrupts a League of Women Voters moderator to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

A few days ago we posted a video of a crowd jumping to their feet to say the Pledge.  That happened after an audience member asked the ACORN activist League of Women Voters moderator “Are we going to say the Pledge of Allegiance?”, which she promptly stated “No we are not.  That’s not part of the proposal tonight.”  The crowd defied her reply and stood to say the Pledge anyway.

That same incident happened again as the debate between Democrat congressional candidate Dan Connolly and Republican incumbent Tim Murphy was about to begin.  Murphy asked the moderator if they could say the pledge.  The moderator, another LWV member, hesitated before saying it would cut into the time for the debate.  As she gave her explanation the crowd stood up and gave the Pledge.

H/t to The Blaze for this video.

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  • Fred

    Your Country is calling you. She needs you now. For she is under assault from within. Will you stand and defend her ? America does not fall on our watch. Not our watch.

  • Maddog 47

    The League of Women Voters have to discuss whether to include the Pledge? Sad. A very sad commentary on this group. Even more sad is how they do not understand how they have offended ALL Americans. They are obviously ashamed of America or being American, else they would have learned from the Illinois debate incident. I guess they are trying to discuss, "How can we aviod saying te Pledge without revealing we do not support or respect America?" Ladies that belong to the LWV, I hope your leaders are not a reflection of your values. If they are not, you need to change your leadership. If they do, you are not a group that anyone should be given the stauture of hosting debates that are based upoon the principals of America was founded upon – in effect you are placing yourselves as those who advocate usurping the democratic prinicplas which are the basis of our electorial process. You leaders may actually be "outing" your organization as a fatally flawed and biased shill for those who do not respect the history of the sacrifices that have been made so they can even exit as an organiztion engaged in th epolitical process. LWV leaders, wise up … stand up … and say the Pledge … proudly!