Video: Govt. Barriers To Entrepreneurship

So you have a great idea about this new widget and you want to get started making and selling it right away!  Then along comes the government saying, “Not so fast!  You will need a license for that.”

The single greatest reason America was able to grow so fast from rugged colonies to the largest, most productive economy in the world is because the free market was able to thrive on its on.  American entrepreneurs could pursue happiness without worrying about a multitude of city laws requiring them to buy certain permits or meet ridiculous guidelines.  If they thought of a new idea or a better way to do something they didn’t have to get the governments permission to do it – they just did it!

Now with the nanny-state so involved in the economy it is almost impossible to just get up and act on a great entrepreneurial idea.  You have to consider things like: Do I need a permit?  Will zoning laws allow me to work here?  Are there laws that restricts how I do my business?  Are there any EPA restrictions?  Will I need to hire anyone and if so what are the labor laws? The list goes on and on.  Before you know it that great idea you had has been squashed by the nanny-state and you get back to your normal life.  Everyone loses out when this happens.

The Institute for Justice has been proactive in tackling nanny-state requirements that restrict the rights of Americans to pursue happiness.  I previously reported on a case they are handling to fight the new law in D.C. requiring tour guides to obtain a license or face up to 90 days in jail.  Only a politician could come up with a law that essentially taxes people for talking.

IJ sent me their latest video that details the problem America has with nanny-state regulations.  Americans want to create jobs, but everywhere you look jobs are being restrained by laws and regulations.  The solution to solve unemployment and get the economy back on track is for the government to get out of the way and let entrepreneurs do what they do best!

Please visit IJ’s site on City Studies: Government Barriers to Entrepreneurship.  Enjoy their video and pass it on: