Christmas Just Got Gayer

If you cannot wait to get a Christmas tree with your family this year then look no further.  Treetopia has a fabulous new rainbow Christmas tree to light up your Christmas holiday.

Do not be surprised if I mentioned that you can find this billboard advertising Treetopia’s new product in Los Angeles, California.  It is generally OK to poke fun at Christianity and this may do the trick:

Will this backfire?  We will see.  It is quite a risky move to insult Christians’ most sacred holiday.  But then again – it is in California!  One thing is for sure, if a billboard was put up that insulted Muslims it would be lucky to last a week.

H/t to The Blaze.

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  • philip

    hmmm…I propose we put up bill boards along that stretch of highway….one to insult the gays, one to insult the muslims, and one to insult obama and his cronies….then lets see if the gays still wanna pull the "free speech" card.

    • Jack or Jive

      Yeah, cos, you know, how dare them gayz try ta play the "free speech card". WTF, do they think the Constitution applies to them now? Hur-de-dur, is NASCAR on?