Mad Men Man Is A Global Warming Nutter

Sigh… I love, love, love Mad Men.  I’m a huge fan.  I look forward to it salaciously all week long during the season.  And now I’m sad because it’s just been revealed that Vincent Kartheiser is a nut job. Sure, he’s Hollywood and it is to be expected– but he takes wack to a whole new level.

In this clip, he reveals on MSNBC that he has no car, eats only veggies and has chosen not to have children– all in the name of the Green god.  He goes on with such modesty, “What I have done isn’t miraculous…”  No, you are right- it’s stupid– not miraculous.  However, I will concur that people like this who refuse to pass on the stupid gene to future generations may not be such a bad thing.

Don’t be distracted by the huge red koolaid stains all over his face.

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