Screw Tax Cuts – Amnesty Is More Important!

It looks like amnesty will make another attempt to get through Congress.

Harry Reid promised to bring back the DREAM Act in the lame duck session and if the rumors are  true Reid will make good on his word.

Hispanic Congressmen gathered together with President Obama to discuss strategies to revive the DREAM Act and jam it through Congress.  They could be working on other important issues like extending the Bush tax cuts, but providing amnesty for millions of illegal immigrations is apparently more important. After all, Democrats need to throw their liberal base another bone quickly before the new congressional session.  I guess health care, financial reform, bailouts, stimulus packages, and government takeovers were not enough, but what is enough for progressives?

From My San Antonio:

Congressional Hispanic Caucus leaders huddled with President Barack Obama on Tuesday to discuss immigration issues and the lame-duck Congress, but no clear strategy emerged.

Obama and Hispanic Democrats reiterated their support for the DREAM Act, which would provide a path for citizenship for immigrant youths illegally brought into the United States before they were 16, and both called for the House and Senate to vote on the measure before Congress adjourns for the year.

If you would like to know how much your taxes are expected to increase because Democrats want to stick it to the American people, click here.