NK Esculates Korean Border Tension

South Korea is on high alert after several artillery shells were fired from North Korea, killing at least one SK soldier and wounding others.

In response SK scrambled their fighter jets and returned fire.  Reportedly, SK is prepared to take out NK’s coastline artillery base if provocations continue.

This attack comes days after reports showing that NK is quickly constructing a new uranium-processing plant in Pyongyang, prompting President Obama to send his NK envoy Stephen Bosworth to the region.

The President is going to have much more to deal with if NK continues to bully SK, causing the Korean War to continue where it left off in 1953.  His policy of apologizing and appeasement has done nothing to curb NK’s desire nuclear ambitions and its aggressive nature.  NK seems to be taking advantage of Obama’s weak approach and the U.S.’s weakened state.

In addition to the nuclear threat, the U.S. has thousands of troops in Korea.  Can we financially and logistically support a third front (Iraq and Afghanistan being the other two)?  Given the President’s anti-war political base, would he commit 100 percent to defending SK should NK pull all of the stops?  SK certainly does not stand a chance without our support.

  • JayDee

    Please – let's give Sarah Palin a compass and see how she deals with this one!