China Stomps USA In International Education Test

by Chris Bounds on December 8, 2010

The results are in for the 2009 Program for International Students Assessment test of 15 year olds students from 65 different countries.

The assessment included math, science, and reading tests.  So how did the the United States of America do in the results tally? Not well at all.  Here is a look at our placement in the tests and a few countries that embarrassingly scored better:

Reading – 17th:  China (Shanghai, Hong Kong) Belgium, Estonia, Iceland

Science – 23rd(One Point Above Average): China (Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macao), Estonia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Hungary

Math – 31st (Below Average): China (Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macao), Taiwan, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Iceland, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg,

Click here for the complete results chart.

Now that you’ve been pumped up with excitement of how your hard earned tax dollars that fund public education and the multitude of government run education initiatives are going, I’d like to share a few things with you again.

First, this little girl is going to tell you what she learned after a full year in school:

Interesting, huh?  We did place best in reading so maybe that little girl is in one of the bad luck schools.  Ok, fine.  Let’s take a look at this chart from Andrew Coulson at the Cato Institute which shows federal spending per student and test score results since 1970:

Does that chart bake your noodle?  With that kind of skyrocketing expense you’d expect some results, right?

Well, the Department of Education may be getting a $4 billion funding increase in 2011.  Why not, just look at the results so far!  No wonder we did so poorly in math.