UCLA Professor Looks Forward To Illegals Replacing Old, White Men In Congress

Well, they don’t even try to hide their racism or their intentions anymore, do they? UCLA Professor Kent Wong gives a fiery speech in which he adoringly touts the DREAM act as a moment where all of “you” will replace the members of the US Senate- “those old white men!”

First, can you imagine the horror that would be caused if the “old, white men” used the reverse of that in speaking about replacing any other race?  Second- clearly, there is a room full of illegal immigrants, also known as “future Democratic voters”.  And since we know this, can someone explain to me why it wouldn’t be a perfect opportunity for ICE to sweep in for a nice big round up and deportation?

If you are interested in contacting the Dean of the UCLA and registering a complaint, his info is … dean@saonet.ucla.edu

And, if you would like to contact Professor Kent Wong and let him know how you feel about his racist speech you can reach him at kentwong@ucla.edu

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