Progress Towards Utopia

The utopia sought by progressives and the like is far from a fairytale.  Many countries in the world have achieved the utopia status that radical leftists are fighting for here in America.  While I could cite nations like Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and the murderous Soviet Union as examples, they seem to have lost their flavor in modern America in comparison to the progressive utopia.

In case you haven’t caught on yet, the perfect society trumpeted by progressives and radical leftists is far from the storybook tale of sunshine and lollipops where everyone enjoys free health care, free education, no hardships, and everyone is a Democrat.  In fact, it is quite the contrary.

As I mentioned before, linking the progressive agenda to the evils that flourished when they were in power hardly sticks these days.   Rather than trying to regurgitate old arguments that are better stated in books such as Liberal Fascism, I think it will be much more convincing to show you actual videos of progressives actively pursuing their utopian society in some very familiar places.

United Kingdom

Europe has been a breeding ground for progressives for over a hundred years.  It is not coincidental that some of the most brutal and oppressive regimes have come from Europe.  While the United Kingdom did not take such a radical approach in recent history, their progress has nonetheless been heading in the same direction.  See how peaceful progressives are when the government realizes that cuts are necessary for sustainability:


Everybody loves the Irish, right?  I don’t know, but it is apparent that not every Irishman loves thy neighbor.  Take a look at how the Fighting Irish live out their name when their bankrupt government is forced to accept the grim reality of their financial meltdown:


Who can forget the French?  Those wine sipping, cheese loving pacifists wouldn’t hurt a fly would they?  That is unless a fly tried to increase their retirement age by as little as two years.


What progressive story can be told without mentioning the “Greek tragedy?”  After all, who could have known that a system that allowed retirement with full pension at the age of 38 would not last forever?


Italians know what to do if an election doesn’t go their way.  Riot and trash the streets!


Finally a place closer to home – The Golden state!  Cali has served as the testing ground for virtually every social agenda legally possible in America.  And like its European counterparts, things in California have come to this.


Being the home state of John Adams, Sam Adams, and John Hancock you would expect Massachusetts to be the beacon of light for freedom and prosperity in the United States.  While that was once true, the Founding Fathers would be shocked to read the story about a home that was torched by an arsonist who left behind the words “f*** the rich” in graffiti.