Border Patrol Agent Murdered Along Arizona Border

The spillover of violence cause by Mexican drug gangs sadly claimed the life of a border patrol agent in the line of duty along Arizona’s southern border.

On an intense Tuesday night in Arizona Brian Terry was engaging what is called a “rip crew” – people who rip off drug smugglers.

An elite Border Patrol squad was pursuing a gang that preyed on drug smugglers when agent Brian Terry was shot and killed Tuesday night, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday.

“They were seeking to apprehend what’s called a ‘rip crew,’ which is a name given to a crew that it is organized to seek to rip off people who are drug mules or traversing the border illegally,” she said during a meeting with The Arizona Republic’s editorial board. “That’s why they were in that area.”

Her comments were the first official confirmation that Terry and other members of the Border Patrol’s specially trained tactical unit known as BORTAC were pursuing bandits the night the 40-year-old agent was killed in a gunbattle, which occurred in a remote canyon near Rio Rico.

The tragic end of Terry’s life has rekindled the heated debate over border control and illegal immigration.  Terry’s dream died while the Pelosi / Reid Congress attempted to pass their DREAM Act (which thankfully failed).

Flashback 1:  A federal judge blocked the most important parts of Arizona’s immigration law.

Flashback 2: U.S. has no control of over 1000 miles of the border.

Flashback 3: Arizona requests 3000 National Guard troops – only receives 30.