Barney Frank Says Taxation Is Okay Because Heirs Didn’t Earn It

Elmer Fudd… Sorry, I meant Barney Frank…is such a typical non-thinking liberal and exposes his socialistic ideologies right on CNBC when questioned over the estate taxes and whether it was a punishment for working hard. He says:

“Heirs, who now inherit, they haven’t donw this on their own.  They haven’t worked hard.  That’s a pure gift to someone who was lucky enough to be related to someone or very friendly with someone with money. “

Ohhhh…and the government, by default of his argument, has every right to someone’s money when they die- even though the government has done nothing to earn it or even though the person who DID work hard to earn it would choose to give it to someone else upon their death.  Make sense….right….?  Liberalism- it’s a mental disorder!

About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt