Julius Seizure To Take The Internet

While most Americans are busy preparing for Christmas the FCC is getting ready to take control of the internet.

The courts slapped the FCC’s hands when it tried to get its grip on the internet:

In April, a federal appeals court tossed the FCC’s first effort to enforce net neutrality rules, saying the agency hadn’t justified its authority to act. The current proposal is expected to use a similar argument to the one used in the April case.

Congress has firmly told the FCC to keep it’s greedy hands off the internet.

A bipartisan group of politicians on Monday told FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, in no uncertain terms, to abandon his plans to impose controversial new rules on broadband providers until the U.S. Congress changes the law.

Seventy-four House Democrats sent Genachowski, an Obama appointee and fellow Democrat, a letter saying his ideas will “jeopardize jobs” and “should not be done without additional direction from Congress.”

A separate letter from 37 Senate Republicans, also sent Monday, was more pointed. It accused Genachowski of pushing “heavy-handed 19th century regulations” that are “inconceivable” as well as illegal.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s to those rebukes is apparently, “Screw you!”

The Federal Communications Commission is set to approve on Tuesday Chairman Julius Genachowski’s proposed rules governing net neutrality—a concept aimed at preventing Internet providers from interfering with web traffic.

The FCC vote set for today may have lasting impacts on the internet.  For the good or the worse is the only question.  Do not be fooled by the seemingly friendly term “net neutrality.” When the government gets involved in regulating a successful industry, there isn’t anything good or friendly about it.