START Treaty Should Be Stopped

What is the big rush to jam through a treaty with Russia in the lame duck Congress?

Are there things in the treaty that Americans will not like?  Are Democrats afraid it will not pass on its own merit with more Republicans in Congress next year?  What is the big rush to pass this treaty?

I remain highly cautious of any law that binds American prosperity and longevity.  That is exactly what the START treaty does and our partner in this case is the Russians.  We know how honest those guys are!

The START Treaty will be another big win for Obama should it pass the Senate today.  Republicans were for the most part were solidly against the treaty, but that attitude seems to have changed.  Democrats may have enough Republican detractors to pass the bill.  More on that from Hot Air:

Judd Gregg and Thad Cochran each voted no on the motion to proceed, but Gregg now says he’s leaning towards yes and Chuck Schumer claims Cochran’s told him he’ll vote yes too. That puts Democrats theoretically at 66, with at least three other Republicans in play who voted no last week: Mark Kirk, Johnny Isakson(!), and even Bob Corker, whom you’ll recall was hinting that the GOP might walk away from START over Reid’s insistence on bringing DADT to the floor. I assume he and Isakson will vote no if Democrats have 67 without them since they’re from red states, but I’m curious to see how Kirk plays it. He’s already banked some “moderate” cred by voting yes on the DADT repeal and he’s an intel officer in the Navy so he can afford to be brave in opposing a measure Democrats claim is key to national security. He doesn’t have to vote yes, in other words, especially since he’s not up again until 2016. Will he anyway? Scott Brown’s in the same boat, more or less, and he made his decision a few hours ago.

The START treaty should be stopped and Republicans have the power to do it.  Binding America to an agreement to reduce our nuclear arms stockpile and other strategic defense systems is not in our national security interest.

What are we seriously getting from Russia for this agreement?  Are the Russians going to pressure Iran to back down on their nuclear ambitions? Will the they provide military assistance in Afghanistan?  How about a little help with convincing North Korea that their lives depend on them getting back in line with sanity?  No to all of the above.  But the treaty does give the Russians a financial break since they will no longer need to keep up with an expensive arms race with the United States.