Michelle Malkin: More Obama Union Pay-Offs In The Works

If there has been a big winner of the Obama agenda the past two years it is labor unions.

And just like their greed cannot control their lust for unsustainable salaries and pension plans, they apparently feel that enough hasn’t been done to pander to them.

Michelle Malkin details the recent big labor trip to the White House to see ObamaClause about their lists of holiday grievances:

On Friday, President Obama mollified Big Labor bosses at the White House. Which means you better watch your wallets.

Angered at the tax deal, union leaders marched into 1600 Pennsylvania with a renewed list of grievances and demands. AFL-CIO chief thug Richard Trumka was there, along with: United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard; American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten; Service Employees International Union President Mary Kay Henry, and United Auto Workers President Bob King.

One item on the Big Labor wish list: more failed government-funded infrastructure spending:

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