Congressman: ‘God Willing…The Border Will Become an Irrelevancy’

“No security policy position can be premised on military might.”

Ya, the Soviet Union must have crumbled because we were too nice.

Congressman Ellison goes on to mention that America is guided by “equity, generosity, and engagement.”  He is right about that point, but he continued that thought by saying that “those philosophical ideas create safe borders.”

I am wondering exactly what evidence Ellison has to back that claim up.  I am sure that Polish citizens were not praying for more engagement with the Nazis when German tanks were storming into their country in 1939.  Likewise, the United States was not wishing it had been more generous to the Japanese before they decided to launch an unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor that fateful December morning.

Ellison continues his speech by promoting the very open borders utopia that George Soros and his Open Society Institute minions are fighting for.  And according to Ellison, “God willing one day the border will become an irrelevancy.”  And so will be the safety it provides!