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Over the Thanksgiving holiday I traveled to my family’s house in Moultonborough, NH. New Hampshire has always been the state of “Live Free or Die,” and this past election the people of New Hampshire spoke once again to reinforce the state’s traditional small government beliefs. However, something was lost in the message that was sent to the state’s elected leaders. Soon after arriving I noticed “Free Ward Bird” signs throughout the small town.

I quickly did a few Google searches and better than that, I asked folks in the small community their opinions of Ward Bird and what happened back in 2006 that landed this man behind bars. It became very clear to me that something went very wrong here.

Everyone raved about Bird and his family. Ward Bird has always been a leader in the community, a Boy Scout leader, a family man and a free man not confined to the walls of state prison.  The story is pretty cut and dry when anyone with a small amount of common sense hears the details.

In 2006 a strange woman, Christine Harris, got lost on her way to look at property and drove past all of Bird’s no trespassing signs onto his property and when asked to leave, refused.  After again asking her to leave several times, Bird showed his gun to her.  Subsequently, Bird was charged and convicted of criminal threatening. He was sentenced to no more than 6 years but no less than 3 years in prison, something the judge did not want to do. Bird had been previously offered a plea deal, but turned it down believing he broke no laws.  When reviewing the details of this case it become very clear that the NH Insider is spot on when stating the “prosecution is the result of an overzealous police department and a willing liberal prosecutor, Robin Gordon. “

The prosecution portrayed Bird as a crazed individual who criminally threatened Ms. Harris, but when reviewing the details of this case it becomes very clear Ms. Harris is a woman who isn’t working with a full deck.

In contrast to Ward Bird, his accuser, Christine Harris, is an animal hoarder who at one point had 40 dogs removed from her home in Salem, New Hampshire back in 2007.  She was subsequently convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced to 6 months in prison. She went on to appeal her conviction and currently owes humane organizations in New Hampshire $69,000. She relocated to South Carolina and again was charged with 44 counts of animal cruelty.  I think there is a pattern here.

Apparently the prosecutor in this case has never watched an episode of Hoarders on TV. If he had, he would know, without needing an advanced degree, that something is seriously mentally wrong with this woman. As NH Insider pointed out, “People who hoard animals suffer from a highly focused form of delusional disorder.”

The prosecutor’s case hinges on the fact that Ms. Harris accused Bird of yelling and waving his gun at her. At what point does common sense enter the equation?  A woman who has a proven record of animal hoarding which is linked to mental illness is the linchpin of the prosecution’s case.  Something is wrong here and it doesn’t take law degree to figure it out.

This case should scare anyone and everyone who believes in private property and protecting it and your family. When a deranged woman with a repetitive criminal record is allowed to testify against an upstanding citizen, and the prosecution’s case relies on “he said, she said” testimony and the animal hoarder’s word carries more weight than the small business owner/Boy Scout Troop leader we have a serious problem with our judicial system.

I urge folks to look into this story and help support Ward Bird and his family. If something like this can happen to him it really can happen to anyone.  Ward Bird will spend this Christmas in jail away from his family and friends. Please visit and join us in freeing Ward Bird and standing up for your right to defend your private property.

About the author: Colleen Gerald is communications and public affairs consultant based in Washington, DC.

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    Thank you Colleen! We appreciate everyone's support as we work to return Ward home to his family, get his record expunged and change the law so that this cannot happen to anyone else. Please share this far and wide, this is more than just a small town problem, it speaks to the issue of citizen apathy and what happens when we all stop paying attention. Regardless of your political leanings, this is a warning to us all!

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