You’re Hot And You’re Cold!

You’re Hot And You’re Cold! Image

Katy Perry’s song has become the Global Warming Cultist new chant… “You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes than you’re no, you’re in and you’re out, you’re up and you’re down…” referring of course to the false god that sits upon their green altar…the thermostat.

And, like those who try to predict the exact date of the end of the world as we watch each of those come and go, those who constantly and arrogantly try to predict the weather years in advance- while telling that the fiery results will be because we used too much toilet paper- keep getting debunked and laughed out of town.  A report recently stated:

Based on global warming theory — and according to official weather forecasts made earlier in the year — this winter should be warm and dry. It’s anything but. Ice and snow cover vast parts of both Europe and North America, in one of the coldest Decembers in history.

A cautionary tale? You bet. Prognosticators who wrote the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, global warming report in 2007 predicted an inevitable, century-long rise in global temperatures of two degrees or more. Only higher temperatures were foreseen. Moderate or even lower temperatures, as we’re experiencing now, weren’t even listed as a possibility.

Thankfully, because of the Climategate controversy, many Americans have awakened from their green daze and realized that they’ve fallen for the biggest hoax in human history.  Many are beginning to finally understand that Global Warming is really about Global Governance, a convenient excuse for debilitating regulation and crushing taxation.

In fact in a piece I wrote not long ago I stated:

Conservatives have always pointed out the hypocrisy behind liberals and progressives.  Global Warming is their religion, their god is called Green, Al Gore is their High Priest and their congregation is full of eco-commies. In a time where there is a fervent hostility toward religion and constant misrepresentation of the roles of church and state, we see no such treatment toward a movement that has man practically worshipping earth and placing its value over God and man.  We’ve seen environmental supporters go so far as wanting to eliminate man in order for earth’s survival, limiting the number of children we are allowed to have and wanting us to live as a third world status in order to propagate their agenda.  This has been driven mainly by politicians, like Al Gore, who have contrived a false global warming in order to enhance their own selfish fortunes.

Global warming is a unscientific theory that gets debunked again and again.  The predictions are rarely right and yet the green cultist continue to cling to it.

In closing, I leave you with more from The Abiding Faith of Warm-ongering:

This is what global warming is really about — wealth redistribution by people whose beliefs are basically socialist. It has little or nothing to do with climate. If it did, we might pay more attention to Piers Corbyn, a little-known British meteorologist and astrophysicist who has a knack for correctly predicting weather changes. Indeed, as London’s Mayor Boris Johnson recently noted, “He seems to get it right about 85% of the time.”

How does he do it? Unlike the U.N. and government forecasters, Corbyn pays close attention to solar cycles that, as it turns out, correlate very closely to changes in climate. Not only are we not headed for global warming, Corbyn says, we may be entering a “mini ice age” similar to the one that took place from 1450 A.D. to 1850 A.D.

We don’t know if Corbyn’s right or not. But given his record, he deserves as much attention as the warm-mongers whose goal is not to arrive at the truth but to reorganize society in a radical way.

About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt