High School Girl Banned From School Over Lunchbox Mixup

Just another case of someone operating by the books and leaving their brain at home.  A high school girl in Sanford, North Carolina, at Southern Lee High School, accidentally grabbed her dad’s lunchbox- which happens to be identical to hers- instead of her own and took it to school with her.

Inside her dad’s lunchbox was a tiny paring knife used for apples…and when I say tiny… I mean tiny.  During a random drug search this girl, who happens to excel in academic and athletics, takes college course classes, is beauty pageant winner and has no previous negative history, has been banned from her school for the rest of her school year.

“It’s just an honest mistake. That was supposed to be my lunch because it was a whole apple,” he said.

Ashley Smithwick said she had never gotten in trouble before and was surprised when the principal opened her lunchbox and found the knife.

The teen was initially given a 10-day suspension, then received notice that she was suspended the rest of the school year.

“I don’t understand why they would even begin to point the finger at me and use me as an example,” she said.

This month, Ashley Smithwick, a soccer player who takes college-level courses, was charged with misdemeanor possession of a weapon on school grounds. She is no longer allowed to set foot on campus.

“They made it sound like it was a big ol’ buck knife that you’re out here hunting with,” Joe Smithwick said.

Darla Cole, the chief school resource officer in Lee County, told WRAL News she could not comment on the case.

Lee County Superintendent Jeff Moss told the Sanford Herald that he can’t discuss the specifics of the case, but school policy allows principals to consider the context of each case and determine discipline.

It goes on:

Ashley Smithwick is completing her coursework online through Central Carolina Community College. She said she worries the case will affect her college prospects.

“When you have a criminal record no school’s going to look at you,” she said. “I have a pretty nice talent. I’m good at playing soccer and that talent is just wasted now.”

If you feel as I do that this is a complete injustice….please feel free to email the principle of the school at rdietrich.sl@lee.k12.nc.us.

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  • Dave

    I think the school administration has it's collective head up it's ass ! The administrators can't see the error of their judgement or aren't big enough to say they made a bad call on this one. The girl has a reason for what happened with coroboration from her father. Don't they see it was a mix up with the lunchboxes or are they too stupid? Obviously this girl is a blue chip student/athlete, something rare in a sea of illiterate ghetto blasters who have no problem going on to major universities with full football scholarships even after showing wrap sheets miles long. Wake up people !