Rand Paul Promises To Attack Spending Cuts To Every Major Bill

It is nice to see someone taking the charge against the ballooning deficit.

The tea party favorite is not backing down from his campaign promise to tackle the spending problem in Washington.  In a podcast with Ben Domenech, Paul said:

“I think that every piece of major legislation that goes forward from now on needs to have attached to it spending cuts…That’s one thing that I will do when I am there, is introduce it at every opportunity and we will have votes on it.”

Paul went on to say:

“I want to be part of the reform movement that the Tea Party is on a national stage. I’m not there and interested in passing one bill that has my name on it,” he said. “I’m there and interested because I think government is broken and really needs serious reform.”

Let’s hope that the more established Republican Senators get a grip on reality and follow Paul’s initiative to slash spending before it is too late.  Mitch McConnell seems to be on board now.  Will others like Lindsey Graham step on the slash government spending train or prove that they are nothing but RINOs interested in big government.  And will enough Democrats step over Harry Reid and do what is right for America by supporting common sense fiscal responsibility.

We will soon see!