Michelle Malkin: Big Nannies Of The Year

In a year with a robust regulation and legislation coming from government I would not know where to start if I were to come of with a list on my own.

But Michelle Malkin has listed her top six “nettlesome nosy-bodies employed by the Nanny State.”  Her list includes:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: It is harder to get fat in NYC, but dying in the snow is easy when the government dig out freezes to a halt.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood:  If it were up to LaHood you would need a chauffeur to get anywhere by vehicle.  That is if you like to do anything in your car other than keeping your hand properly in the ten & two o’clock position.

The city of Cleveland:  If you do not recycle enough your “smart” trash can will tattle on you!

The city of San Francisco:  As if this city doesn’t have enough nanny state policies on its books they decided that “Happy” Meals were not to be so “Happy” anymore.  As a matter of fact, all restaurants serving food they disapprove of with toys have been banned!

The architects of Obamacare:  This is a no-brainer.  Americans rejected it publicly and Congress kindly shoved it down our throats anyway.

First lady Michelle Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee:  Parents are not responsible enough to take care of there kids so Mother O stepped in.  Huckabee couldn’t have been happier.

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