Frances Fox Piven Responds To ‘Insidious’ And ‘Scary’ Glenn Beck

And what better way to avoid tough questions than by appearing on MSNBC.

Glenn Beck has spotlighted Frances Fox Piven on numerous occasions on both his radio show and Fox program and on his news website The Blaze.  In typical Beck fashion, he has let Piven do most of the talking by playing audio and video clips of her for his audience.  What better way to expose someone’s thoughts and believes than to let them explain it, right?

Here is one video Beck recently featured, which depicts several progressives including Piven calling for civil unrest.

Now listen to Piven describe why the tea party is so upset about the progressive changes taking place in America.  (Hint: the tea party is all about sex!)

But that is not the story on MSNBC or the New York Times.  Instead its about Glenn Beck and his “paranoid stories.”