Sheila Jackson Lee: My Constituents are Ill-Informed

Can you really argue with her on this one?

Doug Powers says no – with good reasoning!

When a politician refers to the general public as “ill informed” on an issue (in this case it’s hospital closures due to the health care law) it’s just another way of calling them ignorant or stupid. Even so, it’s hard to argue with Sheila Jackson Lee (D-umb Constituents) when she makes the claim about some of the voters in her district. Why? Well, they keep voting for Sheila Jackson Lee don’t they? I’m forced to admit that her logic is iron-clad on this one.

This is the same Democrat that called the repeal of ObamaCare unconstitutional (here and here).  Doug made mention of one other famous Lee moment:

Note to those in the 18th congressional district of Texas: When a woman who once asked if NASA’s Pathfinder took pictures of where Neil Armstrong planted the flag on Mars calls you ill-informed, it’s time to hit the books.

Two articles from Houston that Lee might want to read:

From KHOU:

More than 30 acutely ill patients had to be relocated after Acuity Hospital announced Friday that it was closing and said its patients would have to go immediately.

11 News learned of the trouble when the family of some patients called in a panic about the move.

On Friday a half dozen patients were moved by ambulance to another hospital. There were 32 patients at the 70-bed facility Friday morning when the notice was made.

It is an acute-care facility, which means that the average patient stay is between three and four weeks.

Some of the staff members said they had just received officially word of the closing on Friday.     The facility’s CEO said that the patients’ physicians were choosing several options for the patients and there were several places with beds available.

From The Houston Chronicle:

Spring Branch Medical Center, a fixture in the community for more than 50 years, will close by May 1, its parent company announced Tuesday, a casualty of changing demographics and suburban competition.

HCA Gulf Coast Division officials attributed the decision to “significant operational losses over the last five years” resulting from the vast majority of area residents choosing other options for their inpatient care. They said the hospital will continue to operate such outpatient programs as radiation oncology, imaging services and emergency care.

“HCA Gulf Coast Division’s mission of providing access to quality care must be carefully balanced to reflect the needs of the area and services the community supports,” Maura Walsh, president of HCA Gulf Coast, said in a statement. “Spring Branch Medical Center has had declining inpatient utilization for several years, but the services we are retaining there are obviously still needed and can be sustained.”

Are those hospitals closing due to the health care law?  I do not know, but what I do know is that Lee is the one who is “ill-informed” about hospitals closing in her district.