U.S. Socialists Supporting Egypt Uprising

This can’t be good.

The uprising in Egypt is continuing despite the show of military force by the government.  The people have been undeterred, continuing their own show of force by massing in public areas denouncing President Mubarak.

I have been slow to make an opinion of this situation due to its complexity.  What may seem like the people rising up to protest a corrupt government as a freedom movement can very easily go the wrong way.  Think about the 1789 French revolution which even fooled Thomas Jefferson.

One of the top concerns people have had with this uprising is the treat of replacing the current corrupt government with an even worse one.  Trading one form of tyranny for another isn’t something that America wants to see happen.  However, that may be exactly what is taking place.

Watch this video from CNN.  You can skip to about the 1:30 mark where you will watch a few protesters denouncing President Mubarak, not because he is corrupt, but because “He’s supporting Israel!”

If that isn’t enough to cause concern then this investigative story by The Blaze should be.

The Blaze has connected the dots to something that you will likely not hear anywhere in the mainstream media.  If you saw pictures over past few days of the protests in the United States supporting the Egyptian uprising then this story was right in front of your eyes.  Apparently, U.S. socialists and Marxists are supporting the Egyptian protesters!

Sometimes the story comes to you. That’s what happened this weekend, when some Associated Press pictures we used in a Saturday story revealed an interesting fact: U.S. leftist and socialist groups staged rallies across the country in support of Egyptian protesters. It’s a curious phenomenon, so we decided to dig deeper. Here’s what we found. Some of it will surprise you, and unfortunately some of it will not.

Read the complete story detailing the various leftist organizations that are opening supporting the civil unrest in Egypt on The Blaze.