Numbers Don’t Lie: Is Donald Trump Conservative Or Liberal?

Numbers Don’t Lie: Is Donald Trump Conservative Or Liberal? Image

Conservative Republicans are so desperate for a strong presidential candidate that whenever a powerful personality looks like they are about to throw their hat in the ring, they instantly go ga-gaDonald Trump is case in point. The Donald has been flirting with a run for the presidency lately and even showed up at CPAC giving what many thought was one of the best speeches of the event.  He managed to both delight and tick off the crowd alternately by being blatantly honest concerning Ron Paul and he closed by making his point that, “If I run and if I win this country will be respected again.  This country will be respected again!”

He’s been making the talk show rounds and even brought out his entire family on a recent Oprah show.  I’ll admit that I even found the thought interesting myself.  My first reaction was to consider his incredible business skills and confident leadership approaches.  He didn’t get where he is at by being a pansy that so many people in elected politics end up being when push comes to shove and it is time to make the difficult political decisions that could affect the standing among their colleagues.  And, with the current economic travesties happening within this country by the irresponsible spending addicts in Washington, Americans are literally starving for a change before we completely end up losing the America that we have always known and adored.

As such, it has been no surprise that each time we post a Trump piece on the website or on our Facebook page– the response is instantly excited with comments like “Trump for Prez”-“Vote for Trump 2012!” “He’s got my vote!”  But, how much do we really know about Donald Trump? Do we want someone who might have some business sense even though perhaps their life has not been one lived with much integrity or character?  Do we care where they stand on all of the issues or do we only care that they know how to build corporations and businesses?

Trump seems to be touting his “strong conservative” stance lately.  On his abortion opinion, Life News wrote this:

In an interview this past week with Laura Ingraham from Fox News, Trump characterized himself as “pro-life.” In his 2000 book The America We Deserve, Trump wrote,  “I support a woman’s right to choose but I am uncomfortable with the procedures.” But, in an apparant reversal, he told the audience at CPAC, “I am pro-life” and pledged to fight for the reversal of Obamacare, which contains abortion funding loopholes.

So…is he or isn’t he pro-life? I don’t mind flip-floppers as long as they are flopping to the right side because of true conviction but I don’t want a flip-flopper who flops over and stays long enough until the political winds blow another direction.

Questioned by Greta Van Susteran and pushed on the issues, including gay marriage, Donald Trump had this to say:

“I am probably as conservative as anybody on your show, and that’s going a pretty strong step. I’m a Republican, I’m a very conservative Republican. I believe strongly in just about all conservative principles.”

When pressed on social issues, Trump reiterated that he is pro-life. But when asked about gay marriage, Trump hesitated.

“No, you know, I’m just not in favor of gay marriage,” he said. “I live in New York. New York is a place with lots of gays, and I think it’s great, but I’m not in favor of gay marriage.”

Solid-no.  Squishy?…Definitely.

Health care is the current debate right now and most of you who are a Conservative reading this will be crushed to hear his quote on health care:

I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on health. It is an unacceptable but accurate fact that the number of uninsured Americans has risen to 42 million. Working out detailed plans will take time. But the goal should be clear: Our people are our greatest asset. We must take care of our own. We must have universal healthcare.

To know a man’s true convictions, the best place to look is often at his checkbook- so that’s just what I did.  I found it incredibly disappointing to see exactly where he sent his political contributions. Here are just a few- but for a full list you can click here.
  • 11/8/2010- $2,700-Democratic Party of Delaware
  • 10/21/2010 -$2,400- Anthony Weiner (D)
  • 9/20/2010- $10,000 – Democratic Committee of New York City
  • 2/18/2010 – $2,000- Anthony Weiner (D)
  • 4/7/2010 -$1,000 Charles Schumer (D)
  • 3/26/2009- $2,400 – Harry Reid (D)
  • 8/11/2009 -$2,000 – Bill Nelson (D)
  • 5/20/2009 – $2,000 -Charles Schumer (D)

Out of his 31 donations 21 of them went to very liberal Democrats or Democratic Committees, 7 went to Republicans, 2 went to Independents (both of those to Charlie Crist).

That being said, does a real Conservative donate his money to such hard-core liberals who are hell-bent on destroying our liberties and economy? The waters are very muddied concerning Trump.  I think at best, he’s a moderate who says and does whatever might be politically expedient.  He would certainly be better than Obama, but if you’re looking for a Reagan, he’s not it.

About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • LDB101

    Trump is a Pragmatist. He sees a problem and understands it must be fixed. He doesn’t see the problem as liberal or conservative, black, white or brown, he sees it only as a problem. That is a quality that should be admired and applauded, not condemned. #ShowMeTrump2016

  • Boatswas

    The link for his donations no longer reveals any information.

  • mutosheep

    The numbers don’t lie. Occupy loves Trump and the TEA part hates him.

  • mutosheep

    It’s liberal national socialists who support Trump, not conservatives. Nice try, but the numbers don’t lie. The TEA party hates trump while Occupy loves him.

  • J.A. Gutierrez

    Disgusting. No wonder people think he’s a plant.

  • Paula Beltrani Celino

    Trump looked for who he thought was the best candidate, be it democrat or republican. I believe democrats may feel the same way about Trump, and like his ideas, and want to vote for Trump….I call these. Democrats….closet Trumpians… Come out of the closet Trumpians and support the person you want to vote for.


      Trump has admitted his corruption… trump looks for the best investments not ‘best candidates ‘ he even has been in bed with communist billionaire George Soros and even worse finding and funded by Saudi Arabian empire he admits ‘ Saudi did 911’
      and FURTHER funded our enemies ,,, recent ideas since presidency have been to help Clinton ” ” heal ” rather than bringing her to ‘ heel ‘ by insisting on justice … but he is deeply implicated in his f” friends “betrayals with our enemies and leftist perversions like pedophilia (not only named in lawsuits with his communist investor Soros for corruption he brags about dodging but involved with Islamic investing and named in lawsuit with his friends the Clintons common friend they pal around with convicted pedophile Jeffry Epstein ‘work with ” ” unite ” false narrative game Obama used … trump in victory speech proclaims ” we are a movement of … all religions … all beliefs ” (and he goes on top promote domestic terror recruiter/ Jew hater /dope promoter Kanye west and socialist healthcare that cant work )

  • Candace Zingg

    You know people change or evolve… I know lots of Democrats who have become conservatives. I know lots of pro-choice, who are now pro-life because of ” science”. The left and even right try to make all issues black and white, but they aren’t, there is a lot of grey area. Saying you are against gay ” marriage” but for gay people, does not make you ” squishy”. The liberal media and progressive agenda ” hijacked” marriage, to cause division. The majority of people don’t care is SS couples were given legal protection that ” married” couples enjoy. I am against gay ” marriage”, because marriage is between one man and one women and is based in a Holy union. However I SUPORT a legal SS union.

    Trump is exactly what this country needs. Politicians have screwed this country up!

    • mutosheep

      Just because a liberal goes to a gun range doesn’t mean they are for the second amendment. Just because some liberals are too cowardly to murder their own babies doesn’t mean they have any intention of ceasing their murder campaign against brown and black babies.

      • diana hester

        Being in a garage doesn’t make you a car, being in a party doesn’t make you a conservative. Trump is not the Conservative I am looking for, that’s for sure. If it’s all I had it would be one thing, but we have a very powerful true Conservative running, Ted Cruz. He will get my vote in the primary. I am too afraid of Trump’s liberal leanings, he belief in government programs which will grow government. He is for a single payer health care system which is the opposite of free market Cruz is for. He is for imminent domain for business and government. I know he is for corporate welfare having been a recipient. And it goes on and on. Those are not Conservative values, those are liberal values.

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  • Jeffrey Hardin

    Before 2011, Trump’s $290,600 in donations to Republicans…Records show Trump contributed $8,600 to Arizona Sen. John McCain, Trump, who was a registered Democrat between 2001 and 2008, gave $50,000 to the Karl Rove-backed super PAC, American Crossroads. In 2012 he gave $100,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aimed at getting Republicans elected to the House.

    • J.A. Gutierrez

      He’s basically said he did that for business reasons.

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  • Honolua

    Provocative article…

    • Ron Hunt

      I am a conservative but I still do business with Democrats.

      When you are in business, greasing the palms of people that get things done for you is as old as time itself.

      Does it make me or Trump a hypocrite? I don’t think so. We are more or less held ransom by politicians. Its corruption but that’s the way the real world is. Is it right? No. Will it even end? Not as long as people that have power are in power.

      Greasing a politicians hand to get a permit to build a building is one thing, greasing the hand of a politician to get a free trade deal so you can import your product tax free is completely different. When corruption is commonplace, and you wish to take a moral stand, you have to choose between corruption that is good for the community and corruption that is bad for it.

      There simply is no way around it because it has become so common and there is virtually no way to avoid it if you want to stay in business.

      • Tom

        That is what I was thinking. He is a business man. The article shows us that he has donated more to democrats generally, but we don’t know the motive behind it.

        • PARKS CURTIS



        Do you und in Jihadist 911 lands and promote Nation of Islam terror recruiters/lie top the American people about supporting Muslim brotherhood uprising in LIBYA ?general rule of thumb … if you do your not ” conservative “{ no traitors selling us out are

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  • Kurt Blumberg

    Even if Trump were a tad liberal that might not be so bad when it comes to getting along with the Dems. Of course, if all goes well, we'll own the whole pie in 2012 so "dealing with the devil" wouldn't be so much an issue. But Trump doesn't have to fit in anybody's pocket, he doesn't NEED to be stroked like Obama and virtually every other politician. I really feel like he will tell the liberal, socialist and socialist leaning world where they can get off. I really believe he will get our energy priorities right…none of this green bs.[or at least put it in its rightful place…at the bottom of the list] He will not be pushed around by ANY other world leader. No more cow towing [is that really how that's spelled?] and toe kissing.
    And who says one must be a seasoned politician to be President? We need a good leader, deligator, listener, a decisive president who will effectively make use of all the other politicians around him or her. I have a strong hunch that were Trump to find his way to the WH we would see no showmanship, no preening, no *** kissing, no nonsense. He would find a way to get done the things he sets out to do. And hopefully he's not a Dem plant!! [I wouldn't put it past them]

    • Chris Overath

      “Oh no!! He might be a Democratic plant!!” Are you serious. The comments on this article might be the most politically illiterate ideas I have ever read. Trump is a wealthy guy buying influence in DC, plain and simple, and it doesn’t matter if he’s giving money to Democrats or Republicans because they’re all corporate lackeys and just like Trump could care less about you. Do you want to know why the US is going down the toilet? Because politically illiterate Americans who do not have the ability to critically think or any analytical thinking skills vote for politicians that do not represent their interests and the fact that Donald Trump can fool you people demonstrates the shear stupidity of many Americans.

  • EscMac

    Trump is first a business man and he is a very smart one. You keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If you look at these amounts they are nothing dollars in the vast scheme of things. They look like a lot to the average American, but it would be like us owning a small hot dog stand in the middle of NYC and the Dems want to put you down for a contribution and you give them $1.00 just so they will leave you alone. When you are in business there are rules, just like in politics. But if he decides to run and he just might, he maybe the answer to all of our prayers. When Israel was in slavery, they did not think Moses was the guy to lead them out of their captivity. Sometimes God sends who we need, not who we were expecting.

    • Chris Overath

      The answer to all your prayers? Haha! So you’re equating Donald Trump, a guy who inherited over $40 million and strategically filed bankruptcy 4 times, which left bank stockholders and American taxpayers on the hook while he went golfing and having his comb-over done, to Moses? What all of you people fail to understand is this article demonstrates that Trump is part of the failure that is US politics. He gives money to the very politicians he says he opposes. You’re condoning the very thing that screws the aversge US citizen, wealthy people buying influence while you’re ignored. Wake up.

      • Josh Isalto

        The figure he inherited was closer to 250 million dollars plus an established real-estate business. he never innovated an industry, produced a product, created a factory. He has however provided a lot of work for bell-hops , chambermaids and grass cutters.

  • RickPerryisaRINO

    This is all about splitting the Ron Paul vote. We see right through you Donald, you bum. Don't be fooled conservatives. This guy has more bankruptcies than marriages. How can that be good for America?

  • John F. Mobilian

    Do we really need another $Billionaire$ in politics? Is that what this country really needs? Someone who has absolutely no idea how the real American lives? Donald Trump is great at promoting himself and drawing attention to himself when it satifies him. But is he really presidential material? Not on my watch. If I need and addition on my house, I'll call Donald, but if I need someone to represent my conservative beliefs, he's not even on the list.
    Bring our troops home. Build the fence along the border. Lower taxes. Get these politicians out of our houses. Reduce corporate taxes so that businesses can start hiring again. Drill for our own oil and bring down the price of gas. Stop supporting countries that never agree with us on anything but still want our money. Repair our own infrastructure. It all starts with that first step, Get Rid Of Obama in 2012 and let Donald Trump keep doing what he does best. Primping for the cameras.
    The Art of This Deal is to forget about The Donald.

    • Tom

      He’s a business man. That is what we need.
      And quite frankly. The troops may be needed over there. Or was Obama was sooo successful, right? If you don’t like it, don’t sign up.

  • pstanfford

    The only thing I can say about Trump is that he may be the only one person with enough money to beat Obama. So what will it be? Another 4 years of Obama or risk a new kid on the block and in Washington D.C. I'm willing to take my chances with Trump because I have already seen what Obama is capable of and it isn't good.

  • scr_north

    Good article. People should be doing research on Chris Christie as well. While he's doing a great job in challenging the unions (specifically the Teachers) he's not the conservative icon that people think or perhaps to be more accurate, hope he is. Having said that, this is just the beginning of the 2012 silly season when you see all kinds of candidates testing the water not so much because they think they can win the nomination to the big seat but rather to see what kind of influence will they be able to wield (and the quid pro quo that usually comes with it) when the nomination process actually happens.


    WOW! $111,000. in donations to Republican Candidates looks like a conservative to me!!! Surely author, Brittany Pounders wouldn't be deliberately misleading in this article. She conveniently missed $111,000. of Mr Trumps donations to Republicans in the past 2 years. $41,000 to McCain Palin 2008 Presidential Campaign, and $50,000 in 2010 to Karl Rove for his foundation to give to use as the foundation saw fit for conservative candidates campaigns. She also missed $10,000 he gave Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his outstanding campaign debt. That is $111,000. in OBVIOUS donations that he made to Republicans within the past 24 or so months.

    Wow! More Trump Campaign Contributions! Donald Trump donations to Federal Campaigns from 6-29-1979 through 10-21-10.

    GOLLY GEE! MORE missed information the author conveniently forgot to reveal listing his other 2008 donations… to both Democrat and Republicans…. in the amount of the Donation. You will see that he spreads it around but the impressive total was to the Republican Presidential Candidate and running mate. It isn't unusual for those with large conglomerates like Trump to donate to both parties. It is an accepted practice in business, expressly for business reasons. There is a large difference in the sizes of donations given to those as business courtesy donations.

    WOW! THERE IS MORE… Article discusses why Trump would donate to Democrats when he has not given to the Senate's Democrat's campaign committee since 2002. Top of the list of potential issues that could be affected are matters of real estate policy, as those in the industry are watching close to see what a Democratic majority would do to rent-stabilization regulations, among other issues. Democrats have long pledged to pass more tenant-friendly laws, a pledge that, if realized, would anger the powerful real estate industry (which is particularly powerful when it comes to putting money into campaign accounts). The Trump donation, his first to the Senate Democrats' campaign committee since 2002, when he donated $600, is not gigantic, especially when compared with the amount he's given to the Senate Republicans. Since 2003, he's listed as donating $80,000 to their campaign account, according to filings, including $50,000 just back in March.

    BTW for those too young to know, the right to choose for women from the 1960's THROUGH the early 80's meant the RIGHT TO CHOOSE the method of BIRTH CONTROL, the PILL was not readily accepted because of the Catholic Church … A woman's right to choose, did NOT mean right to choose the method of ABORTION as an alternative to having children until sometime in the 80's.

    These things were not that hard to find, folks. It is really disgusting when someone tries to do a deliberate smear like this, and it is even worse that people are so ready to believe it without even doing a little checking of the facts. It is best to do your own research when it just doesn't sound right. I don't think I will be putting much creditability in anything else that I see written by Brittany Pounders.

    • NW Greg

      Very, very well stated. Your post put the light of day on this entire discussion.

  • Gigi

    I agree and was remembering some things he said in the past that we questionable ie.
    the stimulus? Too unpredictable is the D.

  • Elm

    I don't think it's a good idea to have a potential future president who enjoys saying "you're fired!" so much. How could he talk about job creation with a straight face?

  • Nancy Woodrow

    I want to vote for him,l but he will have to explain his stand on Universal Health care, and on his Demo votes. If he supports Obamacare, I cannot, I will not vote for him.

    • scotty

      Good post
      I am a conservative republican also, but I think we should have free healthcare.. Why should other countries who do not have as much money or wealth offer it, and we in the USA not?
      I'm not for raising taxes, but if we just stop sending trillions to help Africa, Asia etc, we would have more money.. what about the liberal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.. Regan would have blown them away and left, but we spend billions to rebuild those countries.. way more than the actual 2 month war.. something VERY liberal of Bush and also Obama.
      In a war, you kick butt and get out.. not kiss butt and spend 10 years being liberal and wasting American tax money on babysitting, conservatives like Rush call this a "war on Terror"
      it is funny, many of the so called conservatives support this "war" . but all we are doing is spend trillions to rebuild other nations… a TRUE Conservative would say the "heck with them" lets take care of our own… give us free medical.. more and more in this country employers are not offering medical coverage… the medical association rates have gone up 5 fold in 20 years….
      in 1985 an Appendectomy was $4,00, now it's $25,000, yet in those 20 years, a Nurse's Salary went from our area from $17 hr to $27 ave..a scam!

      Donald had it right, except not Obama's idea of healthcare- FORCING people to pay it or go to jail..chose between paying rent/mortgage or paying health care..

      Abortion is the last thing in this country we need to worry about… why does the subject keep coming up? I do not believe in it;;; but why FORCE my opinion on other families ideas.. this would be Communism .. if the liberals who hate Gun ownership want to force there opinion and keep us law abiding citizens from having gun, from hunting from defending ourselves etc.. we conservatives get pissed… I do not believe in abortion, but making laws to take away freedoms is a bad thing.

      I will say the right to chose is only for a WOMEN…if she wants the baby and the man doesn't.. tough~~ yet, if the Women doesn't want the baby, and the man does, the baby is dead..
      This is not a family issue most time, but a liberal way of giving women more rights than men,, sure she carries the kid.. should have kept those legs closed.!! Still I say we have more to worry about in the country than Abortion,, with our bad Economy, jobs moving to Mexico, and overseas, increasing illegal Mexicans pumping into America like water over Niagra falls, we have much more to talk about.

      About Donald giving to liberals.. I too think it was all a business thing.. Even Regan sold some arms to Iran.. mainly obsolete junk.. but still! . And Regan is a icon of us republicans.
      I'd rather see Trump than McCain again.. Trump has the billions, the power, the connections to maybe get around the power of the liberal media..
      There is no more Regan's out there, The Media slices and dices them to shreds long before the can gain good political power.. we need to find the lesser of the two evil's…

      The Liberal media is your biggest fear, they will dig up anything on a republican, yet witewash and/or sweep under the rug wrong of democrats.. Obama is his ultra racist church he went to for 20 plus years… a racist black panther church.. who we had actual videos have the pastor talkling down on white people as the devils etc.. This should have ended Obama's chance, yet the media played it down as acceptable, and swept it under the rug…
      Dethroning Obama will be very hard… with the white's so brainwashes in this country for years to think voting for a white person would be a bigoted view…. yet acceptable for 99% of black to vote skin color.. and the black pop WILL be out in HUGE forces this next election voting for skin again… sad.

      MLK own words of "don't judge a man by the color of his skin, but the content of his character!" has on gone down the drain in his own people..

  • GailB

    The Donald, unless someone else more spectacular comes along, will get my vote- I think. So far, he does. It is puzzling that he would donate money to democrats, the very party he would be going up against- but he did say one thing on Hannity that I totally agree with, and it's something most people don't think about, and that is our trade with China. (This is a LOT more of an issue than you think, as Wal Mart is a leading company in the US and keeps afloat on Chinese made goods, and other foreign made goods.) The 'trade' is unequal; they can trade here, but, according to Trump, who certainly knows about these things, we are not allowed to go inside China to trade (in other words, the trade with them is unequal, they can but we can't sort of thing. Not that anyone would want to go to a communistic country to do business, but there you go. It would radically change the way Americans do business, and it's about time, too. In the quest for cheap goods ( we want quality , but quality and cheap rarely go together!), we have sold out our country to these people. Not to mention most Americans (and I am a proud one) are so blinded these days with mindless consumerism- the new this and new that– keeping up with the Joneses — and we wonder why our country is going down the toilet . Why are all of our factories closing? Jobs going overseas when there is a desperate need for work here in the US?
    All said, Trump has a business ethic that cannot- and I mean- cannot- be argued with. He didn't get to the top by letting people walk all over him; he knows what's going on.
    Another thing, before I get off my soap box: not everyone is going to agree. I am conservative, but I have gay friends. Do I try and berate them because of that? No. Do I think they should get married? No. But that is their choice. It's none of my, or yours, for that matter- business. People are people and are going to do what they do. Abortion, that's just sick. That one is a bit trickier. But, to all of these twit women using abortion for birth control- there is a thing called adoption. I don't know about you but there should be more education about pregnancy and possibly some sort of fines or jail time for that…. that's just murder. Yes, the baby can't live outside the womb until a certain point in the pregnancy- but, think about this: when a woman has her period, she has not been impregnated. If she doesn't have it and is found to be pregnant, there is something called life going on in there. It's not like nothing is going on for 6, 7 or 8 months and then, oh wow, a baby. You know? So life, as I see it and how I believe it really is- starts at conception and these stupid women that have abortions for no good reason should, in my opinion, be punished.
    I could go on and on….

  • LibertyBrittany

    No problem! Thanks for your kind words! Brittany

  • myrdynn1

    Do you really want Donald Trump to lead the country???? He can't keep his own house in order…filing bankruptcy multiple times. In 1992 he transferred his assests into his companies to protect them and then filed personal bankruptcy. Most recently (2009) his casino group filed bankruptcy. He has mastered how to get the American Taxpayers to foot the bill for his lavish lifestyle….as it is the Taxpayers who enevitably suffer with each Bankrupcy. Sorry But he is the last guy I want living in the White House, he has already screwed us enough.

  • myrdynn1

    Do you really want Donald Trump to lead the country???? He can't keep his own house in order…filing bankruptcy multiple times. In 1992 he transferred his assests into his companies to protect them and then filed personal bankruptcy. Most recently (2009) his casino group filed bankruptcy. He has mastered how to get the American Taxpayers to foot the bill for his lavish lifestyle….as it is the Taxpayers who enevitably suffer with each Bankrupcy. Sorry But he is the last guy I want living in the White House, he has already screwed us enough.

    • Manuel Fernandez

      On the other hand…. Since our country is about to go bankrupt….he MIGHT just be the right guy to get us through that. Just sayin’. JK Rand Paul 2016

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  • @Stewman1965

    Finally, someone with some clout saying the same things I've been saying.. Thanks, Mr. Levin, for stating the facts for people to make an informed decision, rather than having one shoved upon them, tainted by media bias..

    • @Stewman1965

      Sorry, Brittany, I came here on a link provided by Mark Levin, read the article and didn't notice you had written it until after I replied.. : )

  • guy

    Make him secretary of commerce and leave the Presidency to someone more conservative. As far as his donations to Liberal pols…come on its New York,you gatta grease the right hands if you want to get any building or other permits here.He is just plaing the game.

  • Ellen

    Great journalism. Actions always speak louder than words. Donald doesn't put his money where his mouth is. Great job, Brittany!

  • Henry

    Trump and his kids say that Obama is bad for the country, but at the same time Trump is one of the biggest supporters of Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff, in Chicago.

  • Don

    Colonel West of Florida is the charger! A true Conservative leader, with the stones to stay the course. If you're looking for 'Reagan' type of leader, it's West!

    • Mary Ann

      Don – you are so very right.

  • Stan

    Our people are our greatest asset???? An asset is something you own, what is this a plantation? I am an American, I am owned by no one nor any political party. I am a free man, I do not want, need, nor will I tolerate a government making major decisions in my life.

  • Kurt

    One thing I’ve come to believe in my 40 plus years is that people are stupid. No, not everyone, but most everyone. Anyone with even half a brain, knows that Dr. Ron Paul is far superior and it’s blatantly obvious that Crump is a self centered, in the extreme, self promoter. People don’t even care if he doesn’t care one iota for them, they just want to be dazzled by the show. Keep dreaming yourselves to death amerika.

    • Rut-Roh

      Who's Crump?

  • Mike

    If you want a successful, business minded conservative, then start a grassroots campaign for Steve Forbes. Sure, his portfolio isn't as extensive as The Donald's, but Forbes has an equally pointed business mind and is consistent in his consevative stances and his support for true conservative candidates.

  • Hugo

    I would want to give the Donald a chance to explain his contributions. My money is on business being the reason for those contributions. Personally I would'nt give a plugged nickel to a Dem, no matter what the reason. But that's just me. I would like to see the contribution list to Republican candidates. I don't think that one issue is a deal breaker, especially if he does stand with conservative principles. For me, it would have to include the right position on the social issues as well in order for me to consider him a viable candidate.

  • Pat Fagan

    The Donald looks like last elections Fred.

  • Stormbringer

    This is concerning info. I was excited when I heard what Trump had to say recently. One thing I hold out for those donations is that builders have to provide donations to many different politicians.

    My sibling is a complete and total conservative republican but had to throw a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton as a favor to the local democrat. Its hard to explain but if you want to be successful in certain businesses you have to help out the local politician no matter who they are.

    However, if all Trump donated too in 2010 is THAT list of left wing crazies then I am very concerned!

  • Jim

    Cant fault Trump for his contributions. No republicans have been elected to high places in NY for some time. He donates to those he know he will have to deal with regarding his business and developement projects. Is he really a serious candidate or does he just like the attention? My vote is the ladder.

    • Hugo

      That's "latter" Jim; not "ladder", unless you're hanging Christmas lights. :o)

  • Martin

    As a conservative Republican, I'm not going to say nay because of a candidate's social take on a single issue, i.e. gay marriage. The Donald will have to be more clear on Obamacare and its repeal. His donations to Dem candidates was listed but what was missing was his contributions to Republican candidates. Were there any? I'm certain his contributions to the Dem candidates were purely for business reasons rather than ideological. Trump is a very strong candidate whom I would urge to run. And Lord knows America needs someone who is strong on business and strong on American values. There will be more to come and see. But there is no need to write him off just yet.

  • Claudia

    Glad this was posted. I, too, was looking at him with interest. Not anymore.

  • Mike

    Hear, Hear! As an American, anyone who gives money to Schumer and Weiner is no ally of mine either.

  • ken

    Thank you for showing those contributions! that tells me ohhhhh so much! that needs to be put out more because i even considered him!! whew!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Donald Trump is no conservative !
    He's an opportunist ! Don't waist your vote !

  • Mark

    I agree with your headline, the campaign contributions are the most telling. Although the amounts are small in comparison to his net worth, in proportion to my salary, I wouldn't give 24 cents to either Harry Ried or Charles Schumer. He was touted for his honest opinion about Ron Paul's electibility, honestly, I don't think Mr. Trump is electable either. (Sorry Don, but neither am I).

  • Carolyn

    This just reiterates what I already felt in my heart about Trump. I want to like him, I really do. He would be a strong candidate in a very tough economy and that counts for a lot. But he cannot convince me that he is conservative on any matters other than the economy and that is a huge concern to me. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he's just not cutting it. If push came to shove, I would vote for him over any liberal dem, but the truth is that he is just not my choice to represent my party.

  • mack

    I would not give money to people who oppose my conservative views. Contributions to Rahm Emmanual should make everyone see Trump's true colors!

  • Pamela

    So, true. After reading this about Trump, he'll NEVER get my vote! No true-blue staunch Conservative Republican donates one penny to the liberal left! What was he thinking? He's a lib in republican clothing.