Video: Wisconsin High School Teachers Brought Students To Protest

It’s a field trip!

High school students in Madison got special field trip to the State Capital today.  They did not seem to know why they were there, but the teachers who brought them did!

So what has the teachers all up in arms?  Well, the Scott Walker is trying to close his state’s budget gap and the AFL-CIO union does not like his plan.  So they are doing what unions do best – protesting!  Protesting with signs depicting Walker as Dr. Evil and Mini-Mubarak as a matter of fact.

What is Walker proposing that would cause such a stir?  LaCross Tribune explains:

Speaking to a dozen or so workers at Ted Mannstedt & Son, the Republican governor outlined a plan he introduced Friday to fix a $137 million budget deficit by July 1.

The plan calls for most state and local government workers as well as school employees to pay half the costs of their pensions and at least 12.6 percent of their health care premiums. Walker says that will save $30 million by June and $300 over the next two years.

“What I’m asking for pales in comparison to what everybody else is doing in the private sector. … We think these are reasonable, modest changes,” Walker told the steel workers. “I think most employees outside of government would say this is a pretty good deal.”

Walker didn’t mention the other component of the bill, which eliminates union negotiation for all public employees except police, firefighters and state patrol. Wages could be bargained for only up to the consumer price index.

You would think that if opposition was stacked so high against Walker’s plan then there would be no need to drop off a bus load of ignorant high school students eager to get day off.  But progressive leader France Fox Piven has a different take:

Even before the protests hit the state’s capital, about a hundred high school students in Stoughton, Wisconsin, a city about 20 miles outside of Madison, walked out of class Monday morning to protest the governor’s proposal. And today, nearly 800 Madison East High School students also walked out to join the demonstration.

“Let’s show Gov. Walker that we care about learning, and the teachers are worth every cent that we pay to them,”  Theron Luhn, a high school junior who helped organize the protest in Stoughton Monday, told one of the local newspapers The Capital Times.

At least the kids learned something today.  When it comes to unions if you do not get your way – whine until you do!  Recruiting ignorant people to help your cause helps too.