The Left Wing And Their Hateful Vitriol Towards Black Conservatives

The hateful vitriol that black conservatives have to deal with from those within the left wing party can only leave one stunned. When a group of leftist were asked what they would like to do to Justice Clarence Thomas, they responded with sickening comments such as, “Put him back in the fields.”  “Cut off his toes one by one and feed them to him.”  “String him up!”   Herman Cain has also been described as a “monkey” and a “black garbage pail kid” by some on the left.

And due to this unusual level of hate that these black conservatives have to deal with because they are willing to step away from the stereotype of their community and choose to stand on their convictions instead elevates them to an almost hero-like status in my personal eyes.  I know that for them to be a conservative is so much harder than for me to be a conservative.  My admiration for them soars because of the attacks that they are willing to endure for their principles.

Juan Williams, not someone I typically agree with much philosophically or politically, discusses this with Sean Hannity.

“The guys who say they are the most liberal, they are the most open-minded, they are the most progressive…My gosh, they are the most REGRESSIVE!”

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