Video: Huckabee Defends Michelle Obama

Another suggested title: Huckabee Disqualifies Himself As A Potential Conservative Candidate For President.

I have never been a Huckabee fan.  He is a nice guy and very well spoken, but so is Barack Obama.  While I do not throw him in the far left progressive category with Obama, Huckabee is certainly not a Presidential candidate that conservatives should support.

Since his candidacy bid in the Republican primary Huckabee has given me plenty of reasons to not support him for the White House.  Many times Huckabee says the right thing, particularly in regards to fiscal issues, but his liberal tenancies still creep out every now and then.

Consider the video below.  Huckabee goes on a monologue defending Michelle Obama’s agenda to increase the food quality in public schools.  It’s a noble idea and I have little to say against it – except that I do not want the federal government taking any lead whatsoever in the effort to increase mandates on how states should run their schools.  Public schools are not the place for Federal Food Nazis!

Huckabee lines up the argument that Michelle Obama has previously made about nutrition in the food available in public schools being a threat to national security.  Their logic is that the food choices are bad which has caused an increase in obesity, thus preventing new military recruits from meeting the stringent physical fitness standards.  I’ll let the Huckster explain it himself:

First, I will firmly stand on the ground that I do not support any federal subsidy of school food programs.  My litmus test for this and other subsidies is – at whose expense?  Other people’s money of course – it’s more redistributing of wealth.  But that is for another time.

Huckabee is actually supporting more government control over the states and how they run their schools.  Who is to make food standards that Huckabee and Michelle Obama support?  Will they be mandatory or voluntary?  Will strings be attached to compliance?  What if the schools and local communities do not approve the standards that are issued?  What if the parents of students do not approve?  What about the cost the regulatory administration?  Oh and here is a good one – where in the Constitution is this regulatory authority authorized?

Those are a few questions to Huckabee from this conservative voter.  But it sounds like he already knew I was not going to be happy with him.  What do you think?