More Progressive Civility On Display

Progressive civility – an oxymoron I know!

The Blaze has done a great bringing videos like the ones below to light.

This first video takes place in George.  A part of the nationwide protest campaign, union protesters took to the state capital in Atlanta to show their distaste for what is going on in Wisconsin.  One quite large union man decided to show how he felt about the counter-protesters by giving him a rough blind-side shove:

Here is another shining moment for the union protesters at the same rally.  Watch it to the end and you will see who is supporting these progressives:

This last video takes you all the way west to Sacramento, California.  In this video you will see a progressive Teamster protester shouting “Fascist’s Go Home” from his bullhorn while crossing the street towards tea party counter-protesters, assaulting one of them.

The media has spent countless hours searching for violence by the tea party and failed to come up with any evidence.  Now with videos, pictures, and online postings of violence, hateful rhetoric, and racial slurs coming from liberal and progressives will the maintstreams pay any attention?

The Blaze has more on these protests and more here and here.