Jesse Jackson Jr: Change The Constitution & Provide Every Kid With Ipad and Laptop

by Brittany Pounders on March 7, 2011

These people think that the government should play the role of Santa Clause. Jesse Jackson Jr is a thoughtless liberal who feels that the answer to unemployment is to simply change the Constitution- thereby, enabling us to just wiggle our nose and grant ourselves, on behalf of the taxpayer and the US government, every wish we could possibly imagine.  That goes to include housing, medical services…and an Ipad and Laptop for every child!?!?

This little brainless apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree, does he?

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WhooTAZ March 10, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Kudos to you for this posting. I talked at my children's conferences tonight with a teacher about this and she could not believe it. I told her to Google it and she said she would……

Also… Contemplating saving pennies when we need to be saving several dollars is a joke of our cuts to the Federal budget….

Wish President Reagan or Lincoln were around to deal with all of these Bafoons in Washington DC!

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