Rep. Michele Bachmann Forms Exploratory Committee

The tea party favorite Michele Bachmann has taken a step towards running for President.

Bachmann has been among the growing list of Republicans that are considering a presidential run in 2012.  Reportedly she is expected to form an exploratory committee that will allow her to participate in the early Republican primary debates.  From The Blaze:

Strategist Ed Brookover said Thursday that the Minnesota lawmaker could create a presidential exploratory committee as early as May. The first debates are May 2 in California and May 5 in South Carolina. Brookover says those events are factors as Bachmann decides when to make a campaign official, but adds the debates alone are not going to make her decision.

The Congressman acknowledged the buzz by posting a comment on her Twitter page about the CNN story saying, “Read a little something on CNN…”

If Bachmann decides the enter the race it will certainly add flavor to the GOP primaries.  She would be one of two women in the race if Sarah Palin decides to run.  But more interestingly Bachmann is considered to be a leading tea party member in Congress.  She has sponsored a Constitution class for Congress, fought hard for sharp budget cuts and the defunding of ObamaCare, and conservatives everywhere seem to love her.  It is those strong principles that Bachmann is not afraid to stand strongly on that has allowed her to shatter fundraising records in 2010.  On the other hand all of the above is a reason why liberals despise her almost as much as Sarah Palin.

So what do you think?  Are you ready to see Bachmann run for President?  Or should she focus her efforts on being a leader in Congress and assisting other GOP candidates in 2012?