Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Flubs Hearing

It was not a good day for Dick.

Senator Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, had a slightly embarrassing moment today in the radical Islam hearings.  The Muslim witness that he brought forward to point out anti-Muslim discrimination actually gave a public excuse to a U.S. imam that gave FBI information to a Muslim suspected terrorist.  From The DC:

The number two Senate Democrat, Richard Durbin, has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday to highlight claims of anti-Muslim discrimination, but his primary Muslim witness has publicly excused a U.S. imam for revealing an FBI investigation to a Muslim suspected-terrorist.

Durbin’s bungled choice for lead witness is another in a series of Democratic flubs that have paired top Democrats with anti-democratic, terror-excusing Islamists in the United States. According to a report released today by the non-profit Investigative Project on Terrorism, Durbin has already added to the flubs this year by visiting a mosque in Bridgeview, Ill., and posing for a photo with two Islamists who were named as unindicted conspirators in an Islamist project to smuggle funds to the Hamas Muslim terror group…

A second flub by Durbin’s staff is the selection of the main witness for the Tuesday hearing. She is Farhana Khera, the Muslim director of a small legal firm — Muslim Advocates – that works closely with Hamas-associated Islamist groups in the United States, such as the Council on American Islamic Relations. Durbin’s hearing, and Khera’s invite, were prompted by protests from Islamist and allied left-of-center groups against a March 10 hearing organized by New York Republican Rep. Peter King on the religious radicalization of Muslims in the United States…

Khera’s claim to represent ordinary Muslims, however, is tainted by her cooperation with Islamist groups, and by support for Ahmed Afzali, an Afghan-born New York imam. A court ordered Afzali expelled last April after he confessed to warning a suspect terrorist, Najibullah Zazi, of an FBI investigation into his activities. Zazi, an Afghan immigrant, pled guilty in February 2010 to preparing a suicide-bomb attack on civilians in the New York subway.

Khera entangled herself in the terror case in June 2010, after the guilty verdicts, when she spoke at a Chicago convention of Muslims. At the event, she described the Afzali’s tip-off to the suspected suicide-bomber as “self-policing” by Muslim community, not as aid for a would-be murderer. “The imam thinking that he was doing his civic duty, went, spoke to Zazi and said – Hey, what are you doing?,” according to a transcript of Khera’s remarks provided by the IPT. “Police are you know asking questions about you, you better not be up to anything bad.” The imam, she said, thought he was “doing his duty, what he thought was his civic responsibility, and helping, as so many of our community members feel like, to help self-police the community.”

This is just an honest mistake, right?