Ann Coulter Slaps Down The Donald Over Birth Certificate

It was humorous for awhile but it is growing tiresome…time for him to move on.  Ann Coulter agrees. H/T to The Daily Caller:

On Monday night’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Coulter said the “birther” conspiracy has been long debunked by other conservative outlets.

“Well, I think maybe I’ve been watching too much Charlie Sheen because Donald Trump seems perfectly sane to me,” Coulter said. “I don’t know where he gets this $2 million Obama has spent to keep his birth certificate — he posted his birth certificate on his web page. I am glad that Donald Trump is bringing it up so that people who haven’t been paying attention and don’t know that the American Spectator, Human Events, Fox News – you know, every conservative outlet has already shot down this rumor, which by the way, was started by the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Coulter said she was unclear as to why the so-called long-form birth certificate had more validity than the other birth certificate Obama has produced. She noted that reputable conservative media outlets won’t touch the story any more and it is regularly reported on by liberal outlets.

“Now they will have a chance to find out this is Donald Trump’s Pierre Salinger moment,” Coulter said. “You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Obama has produced his birth certificate. There were announcements that ran in two contemporaneous Hawaiian newspapers at that time. The head of the Hawaiian medical record has announced I have seen the long-form you all want. I don’t know why the long form is considered more credible than the short form. They are both from the same office. The State Department accepts the short form or as we call it the birth certificate. Hawaii accepts the birth certificate short form. So, I mean, it is a conspiracy theory that won’t die on the Internet, but every responsible, conservative organization to look at it and shot it down, which is why you hear it being talked about exclusively on the liberal cable stations.”

Plus, there is a new conspiracy for him to focus on…Scar-gate!

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