Illegal Immigrant Worked As Anchorage Police Officer

Who says that an illegal immigrant cannot get a quality job in America?

If anyone had doubt let illegal immigrant Rafael Espinoza serve as an example otherwise.  For the past six years Officer Espinoza has been serving as a patrolman in Anchorage.  Unfortunately for Espinoza his American dream turned into a nightmare after he applied for a passport.

According to reports Espinoza applied for a U.S. passport this past January.  However, the U.S. Passport Office and the State Department found some irregularities in his application.  After a little research they discovered that Rafael Espinoza is actually Rafael Mora-Lopez, a Mexican national illegally working in the United States.  From Anchorage Daily News:

An Anchorage police officer who took on a false identity that masked his Mexican citizenship has been arrested and charged with passport fraud, federal officials said Friday.

At a news conference Friday, U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler said that patrolman Rafael Espinoza, on the Anchorage police force for about six years, was really Rafael Mora-Lopez, a Mexican national working in the United States illegally.

The man known as Officer Espinoza — Mora-Lopez, in reality — was an excellent employee, Police Chief Mark Mew said. The investigation has so far not turned up any information that Mora-Lopez was involved in any other criminal activity outside the case announced Friday, Mew said.

“His problem was he lied his way into the job,” Mew said.

According to ADN it has not been determined if Mora-Lopez was involved in any previous criminal activity – that is entering the U.S. illegally and identity theft aside. It turns out Mora-Lopez stole the identity of Rafael Espinoza, a U.S. citizen in the lower 48 states.  The next big question is how he was able to bypass all of the security procedures in order to serve as a police officer in Anchorage.  For now there are no answers, but one thing you can count on is plenty of liberals coming forward to support this man – criminal activity and all.